dMw cannot and do not want to control what you do privately, but we ask then when you are involved in dMw, you respect our rules and safeguards for all members.

The purpose of these rules is not to restrict members' fun, but rather to protect the rights and concerns of all of our individual members. Due to the length of time we have been established as a community and the mature nature of our membership, we tend to know each other well and our voice comms are therefore often highly personal in nature. Whilst we respect the rights of those who wish to have their own gaming or voice comms broadcast to the wider world, we also have to respect the right of those members who do not wish to have their gaming or voice comms transmitted outside the game or teamspeak. Due to recent interest in streaming, Council have established some rules for streaming which we hope will allow for all members' interests to be accommodated.

  • dMw do not allow members to stream content from dMw servers, dMw Teamspeak, dMw in-game voice comms or dMw organised gaming sessions without authorisation from dMw Council.
  • On application via a Game Leader, dMw Council will consider authorising certain individuals (usually a Council member, Game Leader or Game Admin) to stream content under the following conditions.
  • Ad-Hoc streaming by an authorised member:
    If an authorised member decides to stream 'dMw' members and/or content then as a default position:
    (a) Any content streamed should not include voice comms.
    (b) A prominent and timely visual announcement must be made in-game and in the appropriate teamspeak server prior to the streaming starting and regularly thereafter during the streaming session, particularly when new members join.
    (c) The Teamspeak channel in use must have the name edited to include the prefix [LIVE STREAMING].
    (d) Permission must be sought and obtained from each dMw member in-game and as each new member joins.
    (e) If any single member does not wish to be streamed, then you should NOT stream anything.
    (f) If voice comms are included in the stream then:
    (i) A regular message must be relayed during the streaming to those in-game to inform them that the gaming session is being streamed and that voice comms are being captured.
  • Advance notice streaming by an authorised member:
    Advance requests to stream a gaming session can be made to dMw Council. If approved, advance requests to stream a gaming session or regular series of gaming sessions should then result in:
    (a) A prominent and timely forum post indicating the date and time of the session(s) to be streamed,
    (b) clear indication of whether or not voice comms will be included in the stream (e.g. a CSGO advance notice might announce that in-game comms will be captured but not TS comms), and
    (c) the TS channel name should be edited for duration of the streaming to include the prefix [LIVE STREAMING] (or have a permanent sub-channel appropriately named and in use for this purpose).

The effect of these rules should be to allow individuals to say 'no' to ad hoc streaming if they do not wish to be streamed, but also to allow planned streaming sessions which allow those members keen on streaming to stream, whilst also allowing members who do not wish to be streamed to opt-out. Our hope is that streaming remains an exception rather than the rule, so that streaming does not fragment our gaming populations.

Finally, members are reminded that they should not start or register any 'dMw' channel or service using our name. If you want dMw to have a presence on a service, please contact a dMw Council member who will then make suitable arrangements. If you start or register a channel in your own name but including our community name (e.g. a twitch channel might be called 'dMw_membername') then please remember that the same standards apply to you as if you were wearing our wings in an online game.

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dMw's official Twitter handle: @DMWgaming