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    What role describes you best?

    Having played a lot of MM CS recently it's made me question my style of play. Although I know most of you CS people will already know the specific roles pro's play in game I found this brief but good guide to what each role is responsible for here

    I was just curious as to what role you would classify yourself. Recently I ranked up to GN4 (or Gold Nova Master) which I understand isn't the biggest mile stone but one thing I have realised is there is a lot more tactically minded players and people willing to work more as a team than ranks below this when you solo play and it prompted me to have a look at the specific roles.

    I'm pretty sure I'm a Lurker ..... what are you?

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    I`m that blind bloke who runs round with his crosshair on the floor and the target pasted on his back

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    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill me. Err, hang on.........

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    I am the skin collector, no skill needed for this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberator View Post

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    I'd say I'm an entry fragger. A bad and stupid one, but still.

    Also, I'm the first to get shot by entry ^^
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    i play the optimist doesnt take skill, just mostly comprises of me saying "whats the worst that can happen?" and "how bad can it be?" with my all time favourite being "weve come back from worse than this" - normally said at 15-0

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    Not sure any applies to me. I'm part bullet sponge, part squad support. You'll find me either dead somewhere stupid, or laughing my head off somewhere with a beltfed while both friends and foes run desperately for cover

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    I'm definitely a strat caller - except none of my team ever listen to me ;)

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    I don't really know what I would class myself, probably a lurker. I don't really like going in first and tend to hang back to try and catch those rotating or trying to get info.

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