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    Wanted Android phone

    I find myself needing a very basic, old, carrier unlocked Android phone to use as an emergency backup work phone. While I can probably grab one from CEX for about £50 but I thought I'd try and blag one here first. I did have a Samsung Galaxy S3 but like a fool I gave it to a friend who was themselves in need of an emergency spare phone and don't have the cheek to ask for it back.

    It does only need to be something ancient and surplus to requirements that's maybe gathering dust in a desk draw. So if anyone has one and wants to swap if for a tenner or two or a few ales at the LAN, please let me know.


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    I think I still have a HTC Desire HD knocking around somewhere, I'll bring it along. Will need to check if it's unlocked though first

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    Thanks, hopefully it will take an O2 sim.

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    It's locked to Vodafone at the moment, did you still want me to bring it?

    Edit: ignore that, it won't switch on for some reason, sorry mate
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    Not to worry I'll try to snag something from CEX, they always seem to have lots of old refurbs in stock, thanks though.

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