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3rd July 2008, 11:45 AM
Wait wait wait.... you mean to tell me, after all this fsckin time.. Eric _STILL_ hasn't managed to create new interiors for all cars!? There's only one environment suitable for that man.... the dole queue.

Did we get Aboriginal language yet!? I'm sure there's plenty of LFS being played in the outback with players that feel discriminated against.

The new interiors from the screenshots I've seen aren't bad.. but jesus christ. Any hope for LFS becoming something has just been thrown right out the window. LFS is like Win98.... yeah, it'll still run, but everything about it screams "last century".



And, of course, he then gets flamed and replies ...

Feel free to continue to arse-lick, like 90% of the posts in this thread.. but the long and short of it is.. LFS is nothing but a glorified hobby to the devs (which it shouldn't be!). Consider this recent pace and think about S3.. complete new game engine (or at least, you'd like to hope so it looks like a 200x game, not a 1980s BBC Micro game in compraison to what's available these days), complete new content.. etc etc. Eric will be complete with 1 new track in about 2052.. woohoo!!

You like too many others keep spouting this "their game" bullshit. It's not. They're developing it, but they're selling it for a profit, that comes with certain requirements.

I could create a list like the (rather comical) changelog for apps I write too, except I note the important changes and the rest get filed under 'minor tweaks'... but Scawen is well aware just how gullible and fanatic the LFS community is in general.. so if he writes down every tiny change.. people will cream their pants at such a long list. I'm surprised we don't see things like 'removed redundant comment on line 3219 of network.cpp' just to make it look like more work was done than actually was.

Bollox to 'LFS - Online Racing Simulator'... more like 'LFS - Smoke n Mirrors Simulator'.



Excellent stuff :D

3rd July 2008, 11:51 AM
And there's more ...

So because you, and 80% of the people associated with this forum are gullible sheep, that makes everything ok? I'm glad you see the world in black and white.

People keep telling me "take a break, go play something else then come back when there's something new"... well.. I did this, 3 years ago and came back after 2 years of being away and building my own content for rFactor.. yet, LFS is _still_ almost where I left it back then (except of course now, we can have kwok menus \o/ ). Just how much of a break does one need to take before something substantial is added to LFS?

Technology moves quickly.. and if you don't keep up, you fall flat on your face. How do you think a static web page with half a dozen pics on would do against a fully dynamic and interactive web gallery? Which would get the most visitors?

I seriously believe that if there was a true count for reasons people use LFS now, it'd be something along the lines of:

60% - skidding twats who think FnF was "ahhhhllll dat".
30% - racers looking for something semi-realistic.
10% - fanboys that no matter what happens to LFS, will always believe it was written by god himself and they're now blessed to be able to "share the experience".

LFS will fall, I'm almost certain of it. It does have huge potential, but alas, by the time we _may_ actually see some of it, there'll be a dozen other _real_ sims (not arcade games with half-decent tyre physics) that'll make LFS look like it was written for a WAP phone.

In the mean time... I hear your shepherd calling.



3rd July 2008, 01:07 PM
I do not agree with him, but there is some in it to think about.

Now if Netkar Pro comes with its update and the mod team working on its content delivers. We have a server based sim with good physics and hopefully growing content.

And soon we will have iRacing with its web interface, feel and graphics. Also with more content coming regularly.

It's going to be noticed by LFS. Thats for sure.

3rd July 2008, 01:30 PM
I don't understand what the hell is wrong with Ian.H. He has been flaming and trolling the lfsforum for years shouting the same shite all the time. Where the heck he gets all the time and power to continue. It makes me almost think rFactor, iRacing or what ever devs are paying him he is messing around the forum. If I don't like some program I just leave it and move on.

Netkar...To me it looks like Kunos has a bipolar syndrome. He has long periods of depression when nothing happens and then he suddendly gets a brief manic period doing stuff which is (usually) not in line with the old stuff and he posts about 'great' improvements.

3rd July 2008, 02:01 PM
INetkar...To me it looks like Kunos has a bipolar syndrome. He has long periods of depression when nothing happens and then he suddendly gets a brief manic period doing stuff which is (usually) not in line with the old stuff and he posts about 'great' improvements.

I think he is a visionary, a genius. He is coding amazing things, but when he knows how to code/do something, its not interesting anymore. He moves on in his head. I am afraid he lacks the discipline to do enough house keeping of his code, and to do the hard work debugging (for him) old code. He needs disciplined coders to take over when his principles are established. Then we would see his full potential.

3rd July 2008, 02:30 PM
Ian.H is right though, LFS is dated and the developement is slow, not that that bothers me, I've had my moneys worth ten times over.

But it does look like the devs haven't set big targets to meet, they should be much further on at this time to be able to compete.

To us it's a game, to the devs it's a business, maybe it's not about the game at the moment, maybe it's been about making deals for the S3 content, the language additions do look a waste of time unless they're in preperation for something to come, or to put LFS up for sale, go public, franchise, etc.

Maybe an Aboriginal will buy it :D

3rd July 2008, 02:34 PM
I do tend to agree with Ian.H mainly because, rightly or wrongly, my perception was that there would be more content by now than there is.

I like Ben's conspiracy theory though. :D

3rd July 2008, 03:19 PM
At least the development is faster than Netkar and it happens in steady pace. Although I admit that it would be nice if it was developing much faster.

The only thing which shows somewhat that it is 5 years old is the graphics. It is isn't so flashy or bling bling as the newest games. But...I don't think it is that much worse than the other racings 'sim' (which at least show some effort to make it realistic-ish). The racing sim market is quite small so maybe that's why it is supposted to work in bit older computers too. I still wish they would start to use high res textures and more effects which could be just turned off or lower if the computer can't handle it. Not that I watch the scenes so much. When racing my eyes are on the track, not sailing through the sky with clouds. It really doesn't need e.g. HDR effects, motion blur, rag doll or bullet time. Only things I would appreciate are better collision detection, rain/daytime/weather dynamic change, car lights illuminating the track and maybe smoke and flames from engine and dropping car parts in damage as well as freely user created tracks. The last one would greately help devs when people whine about not having any new tracks.

It was said by Scawen that all the interiors and the damage model/wings dropping off) is supposted to be there before the S2 final. I feel that it can't be very far because we are now in Z or maybe the next version is AA then?

I'm not an lfs fan boy and I admit it has flaws. I have had many games during 20 years, but LFS is definately the best bang for the buck I have ever had. Besides I have never played any other game so long after buying it.

So remembring this is not an EA game with 1,000 people working behind it, Ian must have a screw or two loose. Even if I had expected this to be 100% ready after 1-2 years, I wouldn't start raging around the forum. He says he is a coder. So am I and somehow I get a feeling his products are at the same level as his comments and behaviour. :sideways:

3rd July 2008, 03:46 PM
I wub the devs and I think you're all nasty to him...er..them...no, him.

Seriously, whatever you all say about LFS is true. But it's safe, in my opinion, until a sim comes along with real cars, real tracks, all the other goodies AND the ease of use of LFS. That is it's real strength and so far no one has come anywhere near.

3rd July 2008, 06:16 PM
Sorry but.. what does it matter? Why not just enjoy what you enjoy atm and if something better comes along, be happy. That said, it was fun to read the quotes OB put in there.

3rd July 2008, 11:34 PM
I've also been wondering why more content has not been released. The only conclusion that I can get to is that they are not willing to release more tracks to S2. My crystal ball tells me that S3A will be released by the christmas together with a few new environments that Eric has been working with for the last two years. What would sell S3 if S2 would get a few new tracks? I believe devs must have some pressure releasing new content, because of iRacing, and that's why, if the business was mine, the S3A would be very near.

To what Delanvital said: I agree. I'm not attached to LFS, but rather to the current model of racing at dMr. I'm gonna try iRacing and might find it better. I dont have time for two simulators, so eventually I would have to make a choice. Thinking of not racing with dMr does not feel too good, but thinking of racing the same tracks for another two years is not very appealing either.

4th July 2008, 10:26 AM
One thing that always baffled me was to exclusion of a track designer, I understand that the whole point of sim racing is that you learn the tracks inside and out to provide a better racing experience for all.

But at the same time it does get a little 'samey' and I believe a track designer would massively improve things.

As for the graphics look and feel I think its fine because you tend to be concentrating on your driving too much to notice. plus the low graphics makes the game run better on everyones machine and over the net, I am sure there would be alot more problems streaming the content if it were otherwise.

After just trying GRID which had amazing!! graphics and cars but isn't set-up as a sim and has horrendous wheel support I think LFS is just dandy.

4th July 2008, 01:27 PM
But at the same time it does get a little 'samey' and I believe a track designer would massively improve things.

Quite many have been asking the same thing and I would like to see it too.

Like Romus already explained a bit, the license system which gives the income is such that the game engine is the same and free for all (even those in demo), but the license levels (demo,S1,S2 and the future S3) are different levels of track and car content. So the devs get the money for tracks and cars. If there was a track and car developing tool, the reason to buy license would get low.

When the S3 level is available I don't see why they couldn't release track (and car) developing tools if the game is made so that you can choose a custom track and car only if you have S3 level license. In that case it just helps devs to sell more S3 licenses if users make more tracks and cars. In MP you could just run a checksum for the track and car and compare that everyone gets the same checksum.