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18th April 2004, 01:56 PM
Battlefield Vietnam (BFV) A Bluffers Guide.

It occurs to me that many LAN attendees may not get much of a chance to play BFV before the LAN. While it isn't that hard to get into I thought that a rough guide might help ease the learning curve and help players to familiarise themselves with the basics of the game.

This isn't a full guide, nor is it definitive with regard to tactics or game play. There are several good sites (Google for them) that give a fuller guide to the game. Much of the initial fun you get from BFV is trying out different vehicles and exploring the map. Have a go at everything and don't worry when you crash etc. However as and when you want to get stuck into a proper competative match, then this guide might help.


BFV is a multi player game set unsurprisingly in Vietnam. It differs from CS for example in that it is played across much larger open maps that are between one and two kilometres across. These maps recreate historical events during the Vietnam War, and range from fighting through river deltas to battling across ruined cities. The sides are the United States (US) against the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). Some later maps substitute the US for the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) as by this time the US had gone home!

The game play is basically the same across all maps. Each team start with one or more spawn points also known as Control Points (CP). The object of the game is to capture other CP's, either directly from the enemy, or that are not owned by either side. Each CP is marked with a flag pole. If it is owned by one side then their flag flies from the pole. If it is a neutral CP then the flag is white. The basic idea is to move to a flag and stay close to it for a minute or so. The flag pole then flies your teams flag and the CP is now owned by your team. Owned CP's often have resources by them such as ammo stores, health packs (usually in tents or buildings) and possibly vehicles that you can now use. They also allow dead players to respawn there. So a CP deep in enemy territory can be useful for quickly re spawning in the thick of the battle. Most maps have two important CP's which are the teams home base. They act like any other CP and can be captured by the enemy but usually have lots of vehilces, ammo etc. It's important not to loose these CP's, so it might be wise to assign one or two players to hold back and defend their main CP? When players die the have to wait between 5 and 20 seconds and can then re spawn at any CP held by their side. Likewise destroyed vehicles also re spawn at their base/start point. So if someone writes off a chopper it will pop back at it's base after 10-20 seconds.

Scoring is quite complex but basically each team has a number of points. As they loose CP's so their points drop. It is not possible to regain points but the loss can be stopped by capturing more CP's. If enough CP's are secured then the enemy start to loose points. The first team to zero looses the map. In a nutshell capture CP's and don't loose the ones you have.


Although the teams are evenly balanced each side has it's own strengths that should be played to. These strengths are based loosely on the reality of the Vietnam War.

The US usually have more vehicles, choppers, jets and boats than the NVA. Their weapons are also slightly better. To counter this the NVA usually start with better strategic locations requiring the US to come to them. They also have several invisible traps (punji stick pits etc.) they can deploy. The NVA also have sneaky moble CP's that I'll cover below. So as in real life the US are fully tooled up and the NVA are sneaky devils that appear from nowhere.

Mobile Spawn Points: New to BF is the idea of mobile CP's (Spawn points).The NVA have the ability to create tunnels which are basically mobile spawn points. These tunnels can be dug anywhere and are more or less invisible to the US. This allows the NVA to flank the US and swarm their CP's. It's the NVA's ace and should be used whenever possible. To create a mobile CP and engineer with a shovel needs to collect a mobile CP pack from one of their existing CP's (usually their start base). The engineers moves to a strategic spot and drops the CP. Now dead NVA troops can re spawn at this new CP. Also remember that the mobile CP is just that... mobile. So move it about in order to stop the US working out where it is. Therefore always have at least one engineer with a shovel.

The US also have a form of mobile CP called an Landing Zone (LZ), although it is far from secret. Choppers can pick up large crates by hovering over them. The copilot (there must be one for this to work) automatically winches up the crate. It can then be flown to a new location and dropped. Unlike the NVA tunnel the new LZ can be seen by the enemy and the chopper with a big crate hanging under it is very visible to the NVA. So use with caution.


BFV has four basic player types:

Assault- The basic grunt. US Assault troops have a knife, side arm, M16 or shotgun, binoculars and grenades. NVA troops have the same except they have an AK-47 rather than the M16.

Recon/Scout: Snipers. US has a sniper rifle in place of the M16 and smoke in place of HE grenades. The NVA also loose the assault rifle for a sniper rifle.

Engineer: The US have a M14 rifle (single shot) and a wrench. The wrench can fix vehicles on the spot. The NVA have a similar wrench. There are several variations of engineer that can carry mortars, mines, claymores etc. All are self explanatory. Oddly the US engineer can carry a blow torch. This fixes nothing. It is designed to disable vehicles silently. The NVA engineer can carry a pair of wire snips. When used on vehilces they set a booby trap that explodes when a US soldier jumps in a vehicle. Very sneaky. NVA engineers can also carry a shovel. This is needed to dig their sneaky tunnels (mobile CP). Always make sure you have a couple of guys with shovels.

Heavy Support: These guys carry heavy machine guns and or RPG's. The NVA need lots of these RPG's to combat the US superiority in hardware.


There are lots of vehicles in BFV. Tanks, Personnel Carriers, Jeeps, Patrol Boats, Sampans (NVA boats) and even motorbikes litter the map at various CP's. Driving them is fairly straight forward. Some vehicles have several seats. Some are just passenger seats but some allow players to fire guns etc. For example there is an NVA BTR 60 which is an amphibious troop transport. It has one roof-mounted machine gun and two hatches for armed passengers. Add in the driver and two enclosed passengers, and the BTR 60 can carry a total of six soldiers into battle over land or water. It is possible for one player to jump into empty positions in the vehicle using the 1,2,3,4...keys. So you could drive a Jeep to a spot and then jump into the machine gunners seat and attack the enemy. This would of course make you a sitting duck, as when you move seats the Jeep, now driverless, stops. Therefore it is better to try to fill the seats of one vehicle rather than several players setting off in their own transport. So the rule is buddy up every time. One quick note about boats. They all have a tendency to stick to river banks. So once you have run the boat up the bank and all jumped out it is unlikely that you'll ever get the boat back into the river. If this happens it might be worth blowing it up so it re spawns back at it's base rather than sit on a river bank being no use to anyone.


Aircraft seating works like land and water vehicles with several seats for players. However..........

Aircraft, while easier to pilot then in BF1942, are still pigs to control. Of course have fun crashing them :-) but if you want to play seriously or have lot's of passengers, make sure you can fly them properly or you'll be wiping out your whole team when you nose dive into the ground.

Jets: Jets are single seater and don't appear on all maps. They are technically impossible to land and very hard to fly. One major problem is the map boundaries. While it takes ages to run across a map a pilot can do it in seconds. If you leave the map area in a jet, on a boat, in a vehicle or even on foot you will die. Keeping the jet in the game boundaries is a real effort. Firing is a nightmare too. However dropping napalm on the enemy is a delight that might be worth the risk. Jets also have a sweeping radar that highlights enemy troops. Although to be honest jets are probably best left to experts.

Choppers: Choppers are very powerful tools that can win or loose maps. However they are still fairly hard to control. Taking off and level flight is fine but landing one in a small clearing is a nightmare and the sky is a dangerous place, as there are AA batteries and RPG troops all over the place. Even a well aimed grenade can take out a landed chopper. For that reason choppers work when flying and low fast. They are vulnerable on the ground so drop off's and picks ups need to be done swiftly. This is where the problems lie. Of course have fun with choppers, but it might be better to let someone who has experience be the pilot. Firing the side machine guns of a skilfully flown Huey into the enemy ranks is a delight. Spinning out of control and killing all your passengers isn't :-) Some maps allow choppers to winch vehicles around the maps. As with LZ crates, winching can only happen with a pilot and co pilot. You have to hover right over the vehicle and the rest is automatic. Also remember that the US chopper with the sharks teeth is an attack chopper and cannot take passengers other than a copilot. The plain green support Huey can carry pilot, copilot and two side gunners. The big twin rotor Chinook takes six and the NVA Hind takes five.


To win a map fill the seats in vehicles and use them wisely, work as a team and rush enemy CP's as a group (the more team members you have around a flag pole the faster it will change to yours), defend your own CP's, and as the NVA use the tunnel CP's well. NVA's should make sure they have RPG's and use traps to counter the US's heavier firepower.

So there you go. Not a definitive guide but maybe a help when you first fire BFV up at the LAN.

18th April 2004, 03:18 PM
Thanks Smilo

As someone who does not have the game yet that was a useful snapshot ;) :D

18th April 2004, 03:33 PM
Aye nice one smilo ....Now I will own you all with my new wisdom....if i can learn how to keep my chopper up :D

18th April 2004, 04:28 PM
Can you take choppers down with rifles or am i wasting my time trying?

18th April 2004, 04:36 PM
Rifles will take ages. I put six clips from an M16 into one and although it smoked like crazy it still got away.

The M60 heavy machine gun can do it, but RPG's or AA guns and missiles are best. Of course a jet or another chopper can make mincemeat of them.

18th April 2004, 05:29 PM
I've got the game, thanks for the intell.

18th April 2004, 06:39 PM
An additional piece of intel for peeps new to the game. You can bail out of a helicopter etc and open your chute. When I'm being piloted by someone who doubles as a crash dummy then I bail out before he crashes the chopper and kills me too. At least I then get to sneak around in the bush rather than respawning at base.


18th April 2004, 07:16 PM
I NEVER crash.......they're called hard landings 8)

18th April 2004, 08:12 PM
Originally posted by TeaLeaf@Apr 18 2004, 05:39 PM
At least I then get to sneak around in the bush rather than respawning at base.

Get her to shave i like to see where im going ;)

18th April 2004, 11:21 PM
An update:

I made two mistakes.

Choppers don't need co-pilots to winch tanks, boats or crates etc. Just hover over the object to be lifted and use the right mouse button to lower the winch. Keep your finger on the right mouse button or the winch will retract. If you get the end of the winch in the middle of the thing to be lifted you hear a click and the thing locks on. The chopper will be horrible to manouver and very heavy. Try to use the big twin rotor chinooks for lifting. Best used to drop a tank and five troops behind enemy lines. Don't drop the object from too great a height or it will blow up. To drop tap the right mouse button again.

The 'mobile spawn tunnel whatnot' requires an NVA engineer with shovel to find a small pile of earth with a spade sticking out of it. This is the mobile spawn. It shows on the map as a spawn point but has no flag symbol. At the start of the round it is usually very close to the main NVA Base. The Engineer has to grab/use the pile of dirty. They have now picked up the tunnel. The engineer runs to some sneaky point close to the US base for example and uses the shovel. The tunnel is created and a new spawn point appears on the NVA players map. It should be picked up and moved again from time to time, so as to stop the US from finding and destroying it.


20th April 2004, 11:05 PM
Not that I think there is a single person in the world who gives a stuff but -

I landed a plane :blink: And I landed it on the runway in one piece. That I then took off and flew smack into a mountain is neither here nor there.

If I manage to learn to hit anything with my bullets/rockets/missles etc. then I could be quite dangerous

20th April 2004, 11:21 PM
Originally posted by smilodon@Apr 20 2004, 10:05 PM
Not that I think there is a single person in the world who gives a stuff but -

I landed a plane :blink: And I landed it on the runway in one piece. That I then took off and flew smack into a mountain is neither here nor there.

If I manage to learn to hit anything with my bullets/rockets/missles etc. then I could be quite dangerous
You sound pretty dangerous already mate :lol:

21st April 2004, 12:09 AM
Originally posted by smilodon@Apr 20 2004, 09:05 PM
Not that I think there is a single person in the world who gives a stuff but -

I landed a plane :blink: And I landed it on the runway in one piece. That I then took off and flew smack into a mountain is neither here nor there.

If I manage to learn to hit anything with my bullets/rockets/missles etc. then I could be quite dangerous
I can fly choppers, banking turns, sweeping arcs.....I just can't stop them very well.

21st April 2004, 02:01 AM
I think that now we have a few |337 fly boys at the LAN, this game will be a lot more fun than the last time :)