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26th April 2004, 02:39 PM
After going back in time and arriving at Stansted the sun was shining already (which according to a few it did all weekend). I got picked up by OB & Frenzy (thanks for the ride lads). After an 1,5 hour drive we arrived at the Old Griffin.
Lots of people were sitting at the bar having a few pints and I got a few aswell and got to meet a lot of you guys. I don’t remember all the names so sorry about that, maybe next time I’ll know a lot more of them (maybe at the deadmenAmsterdamnedTour, Ice, we got to sort a weekend out or something definatly, we just got to find a place where they can drink beer and look at girls and have a restrictionline or something for Benny).
Then after eating a mixed grill I got to the LANarea and set up the PC (which was sponsored by Smite, good rig there m8, there’s still a few screenshots probably on from Battlefield Vietnam). Some GG’s that night until about 02.00, especially de_eagle was excellent, me and DA on a team and a few others like the Toxicfellas in the other, some really good knifings on there as well, because there were only like 4 players in the end we called it to an end. Then I got outside and saw some people drinking/abusing a drink with wodka/cola/some other drinks and it looked like TL, Dingo, Benny, the toxicfellas, Doorman and a few others were having a good time. I got to bed around 02.30.
Next morning me and GLJ (bunkmate) already got up around 07.30 and were the first down for some breakfast shortly followed by Sheepy & Albert. It was a nice English breakfast, didn’t had that in quit a while.
Then got back to the LANvenue and played a bit of Battlefield Vietnam. DA, Sadako, me and Sheepy then went to a store to get some drinks. DA wasn’t really awake and wasn’t allowed to drive aswell. He cut of a biker on the way towards it. Sheepy didn’t have a seatbelt so was a bit afraid of DA’s driving skill. We managed to get to the supermarket in one piece tho and got some drinks. Off course I needed a Grolsch for my Grolschhax and they had it up there (I hope everyone who had 1 enjoyed it, I know I did plus the Carlsberg and Schultenbrau at the bar were also fine). We got back at the LAN without any angry bikers behind us. Thanks for the ride DA.
The rest of the day we were playing Unreal Tournament, drinking a few beers, played CS and Battlefield Vietnam some more until going for some Chinese food (dun no the time that was). We first thought we were going to be only ones up there but alot followed. It seems that the Battlefield Vietnam slang didn’t work. They did had a weird beer up there though: Dunt no Ow (it was called?).
Back @ the LAN Ron opend up the bottle of Duvel I brought with me with a big bang. I must say that I enjoyed it and I hope you did as well. A few Grolsch were passed around as well. At least a few know how to open a bottle of beer with a lighter now.
Sunday morning I got up around 09.15 and skipped breakfast. There were some GG’s of CS, at our team we were missing DarkAngel. He was abducted by aliens or stuck in Bennyscloset. He only got out when the match was over so I don’t think it was Benny because DA was in our team and Benny aswell. Congratulations to the winning team though.
In the afternoon we played rounds of BV some more until Sadako and me had to get back to Stansted for our flight. Ron was driving back Sadako and GLJ was my designated driver. Thanks for the ride lads! We arrived in time, checked in and went to the pub and enjoyed a soccer match from Arsenal. After that Mats got to his plane and I got to mine. We both went back in to the future. I finally arrived 23.30 Dutch time, 22.30 English, at home.

I had an excellent time lads. Thanks for some excellent games/beers/fun.
GLJ, 4 bunking up and driving me back. TL for the screen, Smite for the computer. DA for driving to the supermarket and the GG’s on de_eagle. And if I forgot something, sorry, it was the beer.

Greets Pete

26th April 2004, 03:04 PM
(maybe at the deadmenAmsterdamnedTour, Ice, we got to sort a weekend out or something definatly, we just got to find a place where they can drink beer and look at girls and have a restrictionline or something for Benny).

yeah will do.

I'll check some things out when i have some time ;)
We can leave benny over there he will like that <_<

26th April 2004, 03:34 PM
http://www.redlight-tours.com/ <--- :whistle: