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  1. Speakers, Headphones and Desktop control. Why isn't it in a single package?

    I've been looking for a decent speaker set up for a while now and was having serious trouble finding what I wanted. My wish list was, I thought, fairly obvious for a desktop PC user:

    1 - a desktop/speaker-front volume control
    2 - a desktop/speaker-front mute button for when I get a phone call mid-gaming/work session
    3 - an output selector switch so that I could easily switch from headphones to speakers and back again without unplugging cables under the desk
    4 - ability ...
  2. Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

    1. OpenLearn
    2. Google's FileType
    3. MIT OCW

    1. OpenLearn
    I came a cross a useful resource recently whilst investigating some education options: The Open University's OpenLearn website.

    Put simply it allows the download as a pdf (or other file type) or online viewing of hundreds of 'education blocks' from their different courses, and in the cases I examined I found that a significant amount of the otherwise paid-for course content was available. ...
  3. Proof that god exists. Maybe.

    I regularly visit the BT Infinity website (their "superfast fibre optic broadband" portal) to see if my awful long-reach ADSL line can be swapped for something a little faster than a ProPlus-popping snail. The message I usually get when I type my telephone number into their fibre availability checker goes something like this:

    Superfast fibre optic broadband is not available to you. However we can offer you:

    Service..................Speed............Availabl e:
  4. Welsh Leaks - How to gnarl up a US marketing budget

    When after months if not the full two years of build up the 2010 Ryder Cup got underway this morning the defending USA team had no idea that when the heavens opened the Welsh leaks would prove their opening morning to be a bit of a damp squib.

    Sun Mountain Sports this week get my award for gnarling right up and providing me with more laughs than I ever expected possible from the first day of a Ryder Cup. But before I explain what amused me so much I want to step back a bit and appreciate ...
  5. Got Wood?

    Ignoring the cheap play on a job advert for a low-budget porn flick I am actually referring to wood of the tree type. I like wood-turning (no, this has nothing to do with Bridget the Midget) and I went on a wood-turning course run by Phil Irons recently to learn how to 'hollow-turn'. Hollow-turning is exactly what it sounds like - you take a big chunk of wood and turn 99% of it into wood shavings and leave the remaining 1% as an L'Art d'Object with a hole in it.

    For my wood I went ...
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