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  1. Perspective

    It's a miserable morning in London and as always, getting out of bed for a 90 minute commute was not top of my list.

    Something happened this weekend that puts a lot of things in perspective. One of the account managers/salesman from where I work had spent last week even more excited than normal as he was off to Peru. Orders all signed and the usual end of month rushes, and off he went.

    He died on Saturday. He was in his early thirties. ...
  2. ARMA2 Operation Arrowhead

    What a superb game. Once the community catches up with the missions it will be superb. To liken it to Arma2 is to say that CS:Source is like CS1.6.

    New maps, new models, improved graphics, improved gameplay, improved vehicles. I can't tout it enough, it's like BF2 but with tactics and when you die, so avoid running and gunning.

    This says it all
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    Answering the key question of any good expansion pack Γ?ΒΆΓΆβ??‰β?¬Ε? should you buy it? Γ?ΒΆΓΆβ??‰β?¬Ε?
  3. News - The lack of

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    (Warning, some links contain adult content)

    As most of you are aware by now I have over 2 hours of commuting a day to fill with entertainment of my choosing. I rotate between reading, watching 'stuff' and podcasts/music.
    Relatively recently I've rediscovered Newswipe, and for thoses that haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend it.

    On the back of another book I've read relatively recently it's got me to a point where I'm beginning to lost faith in humanity.
  4. Shameful Banking

    Metro Bank opened it's doors this week on the junction of Holborn and Southampton Row.

    Over the last few days we've had free ice-creams, a brass band, smoothies, piggy banks and a shoe shine setup. They are selling the fact that they have great customer service and, certainly if the girls that are handing out the freebies are anything to go, by their staff will be approachable, attractive and a pleasure to deal with.

    The problem being that their interest rates and ...
  5. Risky Business

    It's a common thought that in employment* the higher you go, the easier it is to bounce from company to company with ridiculous pay packets, irrespective of your success or failures. Nobody questions this, Adam Crozier, innumerate oil CEO's and frankly anyone CEO/MD/CIO of a multinational, all flit backwards and forwards creaming the rewards and occasionally falling on their own sword, to simply take up the reins somewhere else. It's like Jesus rising again, only richer and with less religious overtones, ...
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