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    Our Admin standards have been put in place to keep the atmosphere within our community at a mature and respectful level and to help maximise the enjoyment you gain from your gaming and socialising with us.

    1. Language
    Admins should hold a professional level of conduct at all time. Please keep your language in the forums and on the server at a professional and mature level. If we sink to vulgarity and name-calling the other Members will see it and follow suit. What is acceptable for YOU to do is acceptable for them to do.

    2. Team-based Gaming Style
    All Admins should have a good and current understanding of how our team-based, mature & respectful ethos is applied in the games we play. Admins should endeavour to develop other Members' and non-members' understanding of our ethos so that we all get greater enjoyment from our gaming & socialising. Admins should aim to actively welcome and assist new or less experienced players to our games - this will benefit us all in the long-term as it encourages more visitors to stick around and join our community.

    Admins should lead by example and work as part of a team wherever possible, to complete the game's objective! Wherever possible Admins should use voice comms as the ability to communicate verbally in real time greatly enhances the gaming & social experience for all.

    3. Forums
    Admins are not to participate in forum-based flame wars.

    4. Server & Other Passwords
    Under no circumstances should any Admin distribute their server, rcon or other mod passwords to any other person. Violation of this rule is taken very seriously.

    5. Activity
    Admins are expected to maintain a reasonable level of activity in both the forums and the servers. Inactive Admins benefit no-one and, for this reason, will have all admin privileges rescinded.