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    Our standards have been put in place to keep the atmosphere within our community at a mature and respectful level and to help maximise the enjoyment you gain from your gaming and socialising with us.

    Language & Behaviour
    We believe that we should maintain a mature level of conduct at all times. We should be helpful and respectful to others and keep our language and behaviour in the forums and to each other at that same level.

    Understand the Dead Men Walking Ethos
    dMw is a supporter and advocate of team-based and tactical gaming wherever the situation allows. We believe that where game designers permit cooperation between players with a view to better completing the game objective that full advantage of this feature should be taken. We work as a team wherever possible, complete your given game's objective! Wherever possible we use voice comms! The ability to communicate verbally in real time greatly enhances our gaming experience and adds a hugely enjoyable social element too!

    A big part of Dead Men Walking is the sense of community our members feel with each other. As part of this community, we work to resolve and help fix problems we see in-game or on our forums that are contrary to the our mature, team-based philosophy. If a member sees something that doesn't fit with this philosophy then we'll work together to improve things.

    Acceptable Use Policy
    We have an Acceptable Use Policy on our forums and servers.

    Our Game Servers
    We host both public and private servers and also support games where a hosted server is not an option (e.g. for an MMORPGs).. We password protect some of our gaming servers to maintain the integrity of our tactical and team-based style of play and so that Members can enjoy their gaming to the fullest extent with other members.

    The Dead Men Walking Brand
    The dMw Community has grown over many years to become a well respected group within the wider gaming community. This is in no small part due to the hard work of the Community Leaders, Council Members, Game Leaders, Administrators and all the members of the dMw Community past and present. Therefore it is important that we maintain a high standard of behaviour at all times while representing the dMw community as a player or wearing the dMw tags, and do nothing to undermine the good name and reputation of the Dead Men Walking Community.

    Also it is important to remember that the Dead Men Walking (dMw) name is controlled by the Community Leaders. It is they who decide which games the community officially supports. Therefore only the Community Leaders may create guilds, clans, squads, teams, chat channels, forum recruitment threads or any other on-line entity bearing the Dead Men Walking (dMw) name or logo. Likewise the creation of any media, branded products, promotional material, business cards, leaflets or other physical items that bear the Dead Men Walking name and/or logo. Community members should never create any on-line resource or printed media of any kind without first receiving clear permission from the Leadership.

    We encourage and support a range of different games within our community. We usually try them all! We believe a little bit of variety usually spices things up and when we find a new game we think is worth trying to post about it in our forums so that we can all give it a go!

    We believe membership of our community should be fun. We want our Members to enjoy their gaming and socialising with other Members more than playing solo on a random online server. We want our Members to to enjoy not just the game, but the company of other Members. If it isn't more fun then you should probably try something different!