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    Our standards have been put in place to keep the atmosphere within our community at a mature and respectful level and to help maximise the enjoyment you gain from your gaming and socialising with us.

    1. Understand the Dead Men Walking Ethos
    dMw is a supporter and advocate of team-based and tactical gaming wherever the situation allows. We believe that where game designers permit cooperation between players with a view to better completing the game objective that full advantage of this feature should be taken. Work as a team wherever possible, complete your given game's objective! Wherever possible use voice comms! The ability to communicate verbally in real time greatly enhances your gaming experience and adds a hugely enjoyable social element too!

    Registration via our forums will make you a member of our community & grant you access to the private area of the forums that contain our current server passwords.

    2. Language & Behavour
    Members should maintain a mature level of conduct at all times. Be helpful and respectful to others and please keep your language and behaviour in the forums, voice comms servers and in-game at that same level. Play as though you are an example for other players and set a good one. New members or visitors to our servers will often follow examples set by veteran players, good OR bad.

    3. Dealing With dMw Personnel
    If you disagree with a decision made by a member of the Admin team then please feel free to take it up with them. However please do not start a flame-war in the forums or on the server. We expect mature and reasonable behaviour from our members and if you treat dMw personnel with respect then we guarantee that they will treat you with respect in return.

    4. Server Password
    Under no circumstances should any registered player distribute their password to the server to any other person. Violation of this rule is taken very seriously.

    5. Player Bans
    If you have been banned from the server, it is for a good reason. If you do not feel the ban is warranted, bring it up DIRECTLY with the Admins. Once again, treating the Admins with respect will go a long way in regards to having the Admin respect you and in the deliberation of your 'case'. A list of the Admins can be found here.

    6. Escalation Procedure
    If you feel that your case has not been resolved in a satisfactory manner, please contact AdminJudge. Any requests presented in-game will not be responded to and if pursued could lead to an additional warning or being kicked as this is disruptive to the other players.