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    If you try to play ARMA 3 like an FPS you will die. Very quickly.

    Whilst ARMA 3 is a Military Sim we still play for FUN!

    You should approach the game in a slightly more realistic way. Here are a few pointers:

    1. As with all games adopted by dMw, Teamwork is a must. You need to follow your squad leaders commands, work together with your squad members, and you will be fine. Well fine-ish

    2. Learn the basics going online. Start with the boot camp to familiarise yourself with the controls and the map interface. Then try messing around in the Armory with all the different peices of kit, especially personal weapons. Learn how to shoot assault rifles through iron sights and reflex sights. Also learn how to snipe (its a bit harder than in other FPS's) and use AT weapons to knock out vehicles at 300m. Once this is done, you'll find it easiler contibute to the missions online.

    3. You are not God. It takes a single bullet to kill you. ' Like a headshot kill in COD' I hear you say. In ARMA 3, one shot to a vital organ and you are on the ground, bleeding. A round in the head or lungs, and you can kiss the idea of completing a mission goodbye.

    4. Guns are not your friends. In other games, bullets fly exactly where you want them to. In ARMA, bullets act like real bullets. Expect them to drop slightly when fired and at long range and to be affected by the wind.

    5. Be smart. If you're hid behind a wall and thinking of running towards a haystack, think about what you are doing. If there is a MG spraying the wall above you, don't stand up.

    6. Use Teamspeak. Anyone who has played with ARMA's in-game comms will tell you it can get a bit choppy at the best of times.

    7. Lean!!! If your in cover, use the lean keys. Rather than sticking your entire body out, just put your gun out

    8. Enjoy. Have fun, above all else it is the reason we all play. All the regulars are here to help, we'll happily hold progress to talk you through things, we were all new to it at one point!

    Hope to see you on the server soon!

    If you have any problems or questions, contact any of the Admins

    Additional Setups

    Some handy command line switches:

    -winxp : Use it in Vista/W7 to enable multi-GPU support
    -nosplash : Skip splash screens
    -world=empty : Doesn't load as much for menu, starts faster
    -maxmem=2047 : Allows game engine to use more RAM (2047 is hardcoded maximum atm, anything higher falls back to 2047).
    -window : Windowed mode
    -noCB : Turns off multicore drawing, slow down rendering but may resolve visual glitches
    -cpuCount=X : Change X to a number equal or less than numbers of available cores. (2 seems to have the best results....even on quads!)
    To add the variables above, go into Steam, right click and get the game properties. Within that are 'launch options'. Put the variables you want in there....