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    About Us
    Dead Men Racing are part of the Dead Men Walking gaming community and, as such, are not structured like most teams in LFS. Membership, for example, is by invitation only and we only invite racers who have consistently demonstrated a mature attitude to racing. Skill levels are not important. When members are invited we make it very clear to them that the dMr tag makes them ambassadors of mature, clean and fair racing.When you see someone wearing the dMr tag you *know* they will race hard and fair. Supported racing sims for the time being are: Life for Speed and rFactor. But we also have people playing other racing games like iRacing and NetKar Pro.

    Our Servers

    Live for Speed:
    Our server is public and it's busiest between 8pm and 10pm GMT. We have ...
    Forced Cockpit View = ON
    Wind = ON
    Pit Stop = ON
    Just look for 'Dead Men Racing' on the server browser.

    dMr HistoriX Server:
    Is running on but should be available from the in-game browser. Look for Dead Men Racing (beware of the strange alphabetical order they use)

    Live for Speed format
    We structure our racing in one week cycles. A different car/track combo is chosen for each week and we round the week off with a one hour race on that combo.

    The 'Long Race' is on Thursdays at 8:30pm with a 20 min qualy starting at 8pm (all times GMT/BST). The server is made private shortly before qualy starts so no late joiners. So if you fancy joining us then you will need to sign up on our forum for the server password.
    In addition I can't stress enough how much more fun racing is when Teamspeak is used. We use it at all times and details, again, are on our forum.

    Our general race durations tend to be around the 10-15 minute mark. When the race ends do not expect to see the next race start immediately. We normally have Airio handle an auto restart of 5 minutes to allow for bladders to be emptied, glasses to be filled and setup tweaks to be tested so please: be patient, keep the track clear and resist the urge to vote. Remember: quality not quantity.

    Our Admins
    We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding 'numpties'. We try very hard to ensure that our guests are provided with the best racing experience we can deliver and we refuse to let the reckless actions of others spoil that. However, we all make mistakes. So if you feel that an admin has dealt with you harshly then please take it to our forum where I can guarantee a mature response to your complaint.

    Your Experience
    You have a large choice in where to race so why give us a try? Well because you'll be hard pushed to find a friendlier well-run public server to race on where speed around the track plays second fiddle to mature people having clean, fair and fun racing. When you leave our server we want you to be thinking 'That was fun' and we hope that will make you a regular.

    Race you soon?