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    Pointers to driving on Dead Men Racing:
    1: On joining the server say Hi, or something similar. You will be greeted with a friendly response.

    2: Spectate for a little while and see what the state of play is. Is a race in progress? How many laps have the leaders done? Which cars are being used?

    3: Join the race or watch, it's up to you. Just remember that you're not in the race and keep out of the way!

    4: We generally have 15-20 minute races and restarting is disabled for several minutes AFTER the last man home, so for God's sake don't vote restart.

    5: Plenty of warning is given when a race is starting so make sure you've fuelled up, got the right set etc. If you're not on the grid you start from the pit lane. Tough!

    6: If you do start a race do your best to finish it! Nothing is more galling to be in a battle with someone for a few laps only to have him zap to the pits because he scratched his car. If you crash, pick yourself up and give chase. Remember, it's not over till it's over.

    7: There comes a time when carrying on is too hard to bear. In that case SPECTATE, take a break or of course leave the server with with a cheery wave.

    8: Relax, have fun, be responsible. Oh, if you do become a perceived victim DON'T retaliate! A wrecker is soon taken care of. Besides, it may well have been your fault.;)

    9: My favourite. As a general rule, if you hit someone in the arse IT'S YOUR FAULT!

    10: If you're fast and at the back of the grid, work your way through the field don't barge your way through. (see 9)

    11: Don't pit on lap 1 unless your car is seriously damaged. While not strictly against the rules it is unfair from the point of view that you pit with an undamaged car thereby getting an advantage. This is a moral call.

    12: Two wheels on the track--Minimum! The kerb is not the track. Yeah, I know, everyone does it. That don't make right though.

    13. When the race is over please keep the track clear for those people who are still lapping or wish to practice.

    14. Never intentionally drive the wrong way around the track.

    15. Drive within your limitations. Driving recklessly from one incident to another could result in a ban.

    16. Now that no reset is enabled, if you do end up on your roof stay there until everyone's gone by then go to spectate or pit.

    17. If you leave the track rejoin parallel to the track NOT at right angles!

    On the subject of Blue Flags
    I'd like to clear up or define our (dMr's) attitude to blue flags. I will state what I feel is right and you can kick the stuff out of me if you think I'm wrong.
    The first thing I'd like to get out of the way is that we are not F1. There is no 'Three blue flags and you're out' rule.
    As far as I can ascertain most governing bodies of competition motoring (certainly the RAC) see a blue flag as INFORMATION not INSTRUCTION. That is to say "watch out, there's a faster car coming up behind you" so you now know to be aware of this other driver. LFS does this very well by plastering a socking great notice across the screen. There is then, in my opinion, absolutely no call for spamming 'blue flag n00b' etc. It is bad mannered and not becoming dMr. (can't see anyone disagreeing with that eh Doors? )

    There are two sets of responsibilities at work here. One; Which I am very familiar with, is that of the driver being lapped. My method is as follows:
    1: I get blue flagged
    2: I check mirror and minimap to see how long I have before he is up my pipe!
    3: I will continue on my own sweet way until such time as I know I'm about to impede his progress
    4: IF I'm not in the middle of a bend or series of corners I will move over, off the racing line and maybe lift off. If he can't take advantage of that then he's probably not that fast and he'll have to wait for another go.
    5: Assuming he gets by I say 'Git!' under my breath and he gives me a smiley.
    The thing to remember is that I'm racing too and I might be trying like hell to catch the guy in front or trying like hell to stay out of the clutches of the guy behind me.

    The second responsibility is that of the lapper.
    It is the responsibility of the lapping driver to choose a time and a place to pass safely. Too often we see fast 'erbert overtake bang in the middle of a corner or chicane. More often than not this causes the overtaken driver to make a 'mistake' trying to avoid the rear of 'erbert's car as he sweeps majestically by. It comes down to this really; A blue flag is not a God given right to drive as though the other guy is an insignificant piece of track debris.
    Many of the fast guys haven't have much experience of being lapped, at least not for a long time. All I ask is for CONSIDERATION. That goes for lappers and lapees.