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    The primary purpose of Dead Men Raiding is to have a mature, social environment and an orderly way of conducting our gaming that allows for a relaxed and focused raiding atmosphere.

    The guild has defined leadership positions. Members should feel empowered to give their input on situations pertaining to the guild, but once a decision has been made by the leadership, it should be considered final. As we strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, it would be counter-productive to argue a point to the detriment of guild's activities. If a member feels there is more room for discussion on a subject, he or she should wait until a more opportune time to raise the point with a Council Member. After a raid is completed or off-hours are good times for this.

    Hand-in-hand with this philosophy of organization is the expectation that every guild member will b
    e focused and commited to the guild. We do not have a long list of rules for you to follow because well-oiled machines run on common-sense. We want guild members to rely on common sense, not a slew of rules.

    We expect people to be actively reading community forums, to discuss things in the guild chat channels and to have an interest in the more global community events. It is important that members keep themselves informed and up to date on game mechanics, especially those of their own class. If you are one of those people who thinks that your years of experience mean you know all there is to know and you do not feel the need to involve yourself in peer discussion of the game, you will not fit in.

    Many people in this guild have lives that preclude them from spending as much time on WoW as they would like; nevertheless they maintain a very competitive spirit and a desir
    e to progress in raiding. To sustain a guild that is based on these people, we have fewer and shorter raids than your average raiding guild, but strive to make them more focused and effective. Quality of raiding will always be the main thing we strive for. We also start our raids a little later than continental guilds to allow out members to get home, eat and prepare properly for the raid.

    Last but not least, we value a good social atmosphere above all things. We are all here to have fun and while we enjoy kicking ass, camaraderie is ultimately why we stick around in games like WoW. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that the guild members' attitudes mirror the guild's core values which are closely aligned with those of the Dead Men Walking community. Since the advent of Wrath of the Lich King and smaller raid sizes, this has been more attainable than ever and as such we will strive to accomplish this.

    Altogether we feel that this guild philosophy is something many seek, but few find. In this guild we will always strive to give people with this mindset a stable and enjoyable place to call home.