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  • Rising Storm - Alpha Gameplay Footage

    Bit of an insight into the up and coming mod for RO2 - Apologies for the boring man doing the commentary ....and the video quality

    Blunt!! look, Japanese bayonet's

    Looking good

    Release date still Q4 of 2012
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    1. TommyGuner's Avatar
      TommyGuner -
      Looks great, what I love about RO2 was the little details, quite enjoy the cover and pop-out mechanic, the fact you could zero your sniper scopes, that even with a scoped rifle (e.g. M1) you could still use the iron sights under the scopes.The Squad Leader/Captain features also work fairly well. Might get this when it comes out!
    1. BrotherTobious's Avatar
      BrotherTobious -
      I will be getting it too