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    [DMW] Dead Men Walking

    Dead Men Walking is a long-established multi-gaming community with an excellent reputation for fair play, mature attitude and teamwork. Our continuing mission is to provide a home for gamers who recognise that achieving success as a team is far more rewarding than racking up individual scores. Quite simply, frag-hunters, lone wolves, griefers, cheats and the plain selfish will not fit in here.

    Still reading? Excellent! First jump point successfully negotiated :-)

    Our organisation within Star Citizen is looking for new pilots to help us grow and to further reinforce our reputation gained in the other games we have supported over the years. Your skill as a pilot is unimportant to us, your willingness to put your team before yourself is what matters. Because of our ethos, piracy doesn’t sit comfortably with us so if you’ve decided that Piracy’s the route you’d like to pursue then you will have to do your jolly-rogering elsewhere.

    Since 1996 we’ve played a variety of different games together. We make extensive use of Teamspeak and, where it is possible, we also provide our own gaming servers. We also organise regular social events such as LAN parties. Whilst our largest contingent is based in the UK, we have members from across the whole of Europe.

    We value friendship, fun and teamwork in an atmosphere of mature mutual respect. As such our members are typically 18+ yrs, so if you are significantly younger then you are welcome but please be aware that you’ll need to fit in with our mature membership. If you get on well with our existing members then you’ll have found a great social home for your Citizenship.

    DMW will be aiming to run lots of coop within SC when it launches as that’s what allows us to be sociable whilst we’re playing. So if you’re looking for some space-faring fun as part of a great team then look no further. We have absolutely no desire to be a major force within the SC universe so if you’re looking for an Org full of pilots who share a badge but have no idea who each other are than I’m sure you’ll have no problem locating one.

    Our active forum is a great place to learn more about us and, specifically, what we aim to achieve within SC. Check out our SC section to see how our current fleet is shaping up and what our members are talking about. If you like what you see and you think you’d like to be part of this great little community or if you’d like a bit more information then please post a ‘Hi’ in our forum or reply here.