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  • LAN GAME - Unreal Tournament

    Friday night after the steak night we are going to be running a LAN server of the NEW (alpha) Unreal Tournament.

    It also happens to be quite fun

    So you have no excuse! Follow THIS link, create an account and download the game.

    We will be running some classic Deathmatch and CTF for as long as people are keen to play it.

    I will bump this thread a few times before the event but please as soon as you see it download the game and get it running once so come Friday night you can jump in without any problems, we won't be able to help if you have not got it downloaded but want to play!

    Shoot you soon then!
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    1. albert's Avatar
      albert -
      LAN server means fast and responsive, in other words no internet dropouts. Great idea! Like the old days!

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    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Yep we are looking forward to this one. We played the OLD unreal at the May LAN, so thought it'd be nice to bring its bigger brother in for a try this time!
    1. Evilntwisted's Avatar
      Evilntwisted -
      LOL at the fact it offers a MAC download
    1. faust82's Avatar
      faust82 -
      Played a round or two of this last night after going through the tutorials. Seems I need to brush up on my arena game. I've become too accustomed to shooters where weight matters and the avatar gets winded if you run too much :p

      Still, should be a blast at the lan
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Its great Get it downloaded folks!!!
    1. Galatoni's Avatar
      Galatoni -
      On it. Should be a blast!
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Good man. Get it set up boys and girls!
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Get this downloaded people, get working on your (rubbish) aim.. there will be a small prize for our deathmatch winner
    1. RogueTaylor's Avatar
      RogueTaylor -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chaosphere View Post
      Get this downloaded people, get working on your (rubbish) aim.. there will be a small prize for our deathmatch winner
      Did the tutorial last night is a beautiful game ...this will be very interesting to play on the day. So we are doing free for all ?
    1. SithAfrikaan's Avatar
      SithAfrikaan -
      Ready to wreck all of you.
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      We are setting a 200 ping to your machine Sith just so you know.

    1. Sneakytiger's Avatar
      Sneakytiger -
      teleporter deathage incoming!!!