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  • Real Ale #1

    Just like last year we have some very kind people and businesses willing to sponsor some real ales or real ciders that will appear at the LAN for your enjoyment at a bargain £1.50 per pint. Some of these brews have been sampled by the now expert dMw GBBF drinking team, or have been sampled before and must make a come back.

    REAL ALE #1

    Lemon Dream
    by Salopian Brewery

    Sponsored by: Lan / Lan server Admins = Chaosphere, Gortex, GhostMjr and No peanuts

    Yes, we look after not only the running of the Lan but also wish to help make the event more celebrated, so from us 4 please raise your glass and drink everyone's health.

    Lemon Dream is a Speciality Golden Ale and a real delight in drinking, at a good 4.5% this beer was rated highest by all attendees at the 2017 Great British Beer Festival. Even though it did not win an awards this year at the festival, we think you will be very surprised by how different this ale is to what you have ever tired before.

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    1. suicidal_monkey's Avatar
      suicidal_monkey -

      Top choice!
    1. Evilntwisted's Avatar
      Evilntwisted -
      Thanks Guys, I have started to drink ALE over Lager so will give this a try
    1. BrotherTobious's Avatar
      BrotherTobious -
      Thanks gents
    1. Gunda's Avatar
      Gunda -
      Looking forward to sampling this fine ale thanks guys
    1. DuVeL's Avatar
      DuVeL -
      Thank you LAN-admins! Can't wait!