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  • LAN XXXII - Bad Company 2

    Important Bad Company 2 LAN Information!

    BC2 uses a system of unlocks for gear. To get the better gear (including things like sights for your guns And C4!) you must earn XP and rank up.

    Some of you will have soldiers from a bygone age that you can log into (they are saved in EA's cloud). Others will have to create new soldiers at level 1 with no unlocks!

    We don't want to restrict things at the LAN, as some of the unlockable gear is fun to play with (did I mention the C4 already?). This means that whatever unlocks you arrive at the LAN with, you will be able to use.

    Fear Not, new soldiers! There are public servers in game that offer 15x XP boosts - on which it can take around only an hour to FULLY LEVEL a class of soldier.

    THIS SATURDAY from 7pm we will be jumping on Bad Company 2 together! We will be playing on these 15x XP servers! New soldiers, playing here for only a short period will help you unlock new gear fast, at the very least giving you some basic stuff like gun sights for our LAN festivities!

    So join us THIS SATURDAY AT 7PM ONWARDS on BC2, new and old soldiers, to warm up for the LAN and unlock yourself some shiny new gear with which to smite your fellow dMw-ers come the LAN

    Shoot you then!
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      Interesting and will try and get on Saturday night.