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    Let it be known, henceforth LAN badges shall expire after a period of 1 year (2 LANs)!

    This means your green LAN attendance badges last for 2 LANs. Miss 2 in a row and they will vanish into the ether. Attend a LAN, and as if by magic they shall reappear!

    The red LAN helper badges will follow a similar pattern, being removed 2 LANs after having been awarded. These are given as thanks to members that we see helping us out, without being asked. Stress on 'that we see', as we know we will miss some that help and go without notice. You unsung heroes, you have our thanks all the same, and we hope to catch you in the act down the road!

    This is to keep the badges as something 'special'. You're all so lovely, if we kept them indefinitely you'd all have red badges in no time, right?

    Please note that earning a red badge will, for the 1 year duration, replace your green badge. Think of the red badge as a 'Level Up' version of the green, as a show of your support and the community's thanks!

    A list of current red badge holders can be found at the bottom of this post.

    The half red and half gold badges are worn by those members of the community who make the LANs possible from behind the scenes. There is more to a LAN than planning what game will be live and when, and these members are responsible for a fair chunk of this essential work. Currently these badges are worn by 3 of our community -

    • TeaLeaf - for his behind the scenes work with the Oliver Cromwell Hotel to arrange and facilitate the events.
    • Penfold - for his behind the scenes work with the Oliver Cromwell Hotel to arrange and facilitate the events.
    • no peanuts - for his server-side work before and at the LANs to support the gaming and tournaments.

    These gold badges are worn by the muppets daft enough to organise and run the events for the community. They plan the weekends out in advance, and run the different events and competitions at the time. Although these morons look after the events in this way, these LANs belong to YOU, the community. If you have thoughts or ideas on how we can improve the weekends, please do let any of them know. Your LAN Admins are -

    • Chaosphere
    • Gortex
    • GhostMjr

    The new blue LAN badges are for our LAN Competition Winners. These are awarded to members who win a competition on the Saturday of the LAN, individually or as part of a team. These badges shall follow suite, expiring 1 year / 2 LANs after your last tournament win. As such, you could keep this badge for eternity, if you're good enough...

    A dMw LAN Hall of Champions Post may be in the works, who knows.

    The helping hand, the 'red badge and then some' will, however, remain permanently. It is always hard to choose this one. It goes to the member that we think has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the LAN, often by keeping my personal sanity intact with their help and selflessness.

    A list of those who have received the helping hand can be found at the bottom of this post.

    Any questions, let us know. Compliments on our intelligence and handsomeness may be directed to myself. Complains go strictly to the dMw LAN Complaints department, otherwise known as GhostMjr. Cheers all!

    Current Red Badge Holders

    • albert
    • lionheart
    • DannagE
    • sulky_uk
    • Sneakytiger
    • pesteh
    • uni
    • RogueTaylor

    Helping Hand Heroes

    • OldBloke
    • TeaLeaf
    • Tutonic
    • sheepy
    • Penfold
    • Benny
    • GhostMjr
    • Norm
    • Whitey
    • BigFatCat
    • BrotherTobious
    • Bob
    • Gortex
    • RogueTaylor
    • Evilntwisted
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