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    Well, we've finally got the ability to have a game mode to shoot each other, mock each other and most of all laugh at each other, in a mode that is entirely customisable to our liking ........ Thank you PlayerUnknown its been a long time coming!

    With the new updates in mind, i thought it would be relevant to lay a few ground rules in the interest of all of us to have fun and uphold the ethos of our community, they're few and they can be amended as we learn more from this game mode.

    1. If you unfortunately die, please do not give any information on the whereabouts of anyone else that is alive, over any communication channels, this includes Discord, Steam chat or if you are watching any stream - its just not cool!

    2. Given the extremely good spectator mode within PUBG customs, please join a different voice com channel when you die if you wish to chat about how the round is going so as not to disrupt the players that are still in game, i'm sure you wouldn't want to be disrupted if you were in the last few. (i have requested a specific channel for this).

    3. if you remain in the main channel on voice coms for a round, please keep it silent when there are 4 or less alive in that round.

    If you want to add to the above or you have any questions then post here or pm me or one of the admins

    Lets pew pew each other
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