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  • COVID-19 and the May LAN

    Hi everyone,

    Booking for the May LAN has recently been opened to supporting members, and is due to open later this week to all.

    Regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, we appreciate that many members will have questions and/or concerns about how the bug affects the LAN. This is of course something that we have discussed, and want to clarify the Council's position on. Below is a summary of both the Council's position, in red, and some of my own musings on the topic.

    The short answer is until we can't hold the LAN, it's full steam ahead as normal. If either the Oliver Cromwell or the Government decide to put a hold on gatherings of this size, then of course the LAN will have to be cancelled.

    So far, that isn't happening. Social gatherings of over 500 are banned in Scotland, and I think many countries have banned those with over 100 people. The LAN will be what, 20-30? These ones are always a bit smaller. I think it is unlikely it will ever reach the sort of numbers that mandate cancellation, but as I have said that depends on how policy from the powers that be change over the coming weeks, and we will be keeping a close eye on it.

    Realistically, most of us will come into contact with the virus in our day-to-day life sooner and more often than we would at the LAN. Many of us have been surrounded by the public for weeks, be that at work, on public transport, on trips out, and so on... it is likely we already have come into contact with it and just may not know. The LAN likely represents a much smaller group of people than we interact with every week, albeit in slightly closer quarters . The point here is that in small gatherings like this, the risk is probably no different from just going to Tesco for a pint of milk and then to the petrol station the next day.

    And one less thing to consider... this virus will spread. All we are trying to do is control the speed of that spread. Eventually when enough people have had it and got rid of it, we will end up with a herd immunity situation and the impact will dramatically ease off. We need to get to that point. The whole aim of social isolation is not to prevent that, but to control the speed at which we get there. If we get there too quickly, the hospitals won't be able to cope with the small percentage of people that need admission. Conversely the longer we take to get there, the more protracted and drawn out the whole pandemic runs for. It is a difficult balance and bodies like Public Health are trying to decide how best to find a middle ground. Banning small gatherings like ours probably doesn't fit into that middle ground, which is why we are going ahead for now.

    Hope that helps somewhat! Of course, to attend or not attend the LAN remains an individual decision that each member must make for him or herself. If you do want to come, rest assured that until we are told we simply cannot do so, we will be there ready and waiting for you .
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