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  • The May LAN - ONLINE - Saturday Tournament Sign-Up

    The May LAN is going online.

    Does this make it a WAN?

    We are still planning various bits and pieces but I wanted to start the basics. So, just like at a non-Corona'd LAN, sign up to our Saturday tournaments HERE.

    These will be running on SATURDAY the 9th of May. All are welcome! Just make sure you can actually turn up, it is a lot harder for me to come knocking on your door this time... but not impossible ey?

    More details to follow.
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    1. Jewelz^'s Avatar
      Jewelz^ -
      Booked > 16oz Sirloin with Pepper Sauce
    1. A_Cheese_Puff's Avatar
      A_Cheese_Puff -
      I have done the form but cannot guarantee if I will be there as am not sure when I will be going back to work. But hopefully will be fine.
    1. sulky_uk's Avatar
      sulky_uk -
      form completed
    1. Gunda's Avatar
      Gunda -
      all booked up, wife told, food asked to be prepared... (i might get cheese on toast if i'm lucky!)
    1. smilodon's Avatar
      smilodon -
      Has to be a pizza delivery. Papa Johns is the only one that comes our way but I'll make do. I'll be drinking one or three bottles from the dozen cases of Corona lager I found dumped at the side of the road recently.
    1. SithAfrikaan's Avatar
      SithAfrikaan -
      Form filled in, can we entertain the idea of some other games too?
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Bump! Sign up peeps, I'm going to be making teams and putting up a schedule and everything... So chop chop

      And don't fret, some social gaming is coming soon too.
    1. Gunda's Avatar
      Gunda -
      Can we play bang
    1. DiseasedBunny's Avatar
      DiseasedBunny -
      My first time, so be gentle....
    1. Sixthor's Avatar
      Sixthor -
      What's "Retro Comp" in the signup? CS 1.6?
    1. Sixthor's Avatar
      Sixthor -
      Nevermind, I've signed up for that as well... as soon as I know what it is I expect to master it, so no worries!
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      You'll find out on the day

      No time for 'mastering'
    1. RogueTaylor's Avatar
      RogueTaylor -
      Quote Originally Posted by Gunda View Post
      Can we play bang
      YES! found it today, if people have TableTop simulator we can play good old bang.