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    As your all aware the planned spring Lan XXXVII was cancelled due to the Convid-19 outbreak. After a few discussions we that we came up with the idea of turning the Lan into a Wan and just doing everything remotely. You will have seen several polls, surveys and general questions asking for interest and game choices.

    Further to this we had some more chats and decided with the level of interest, difficulty in organising and with Chaos being busy working (or is that bullying nurses) the weekend, we won’t be going ahead with a full bill of scheduled gaming or usual competitions you would expect at the lan.

    However, we do intend to have a focused weekend of gaming around the bank holiday weekend but aiming at more of a chilled out get together during each evening rather than a full-blown competition.

    So what is the Schedule / Plan I hear you say:

    Thursday 7th May – 7PM “social night”

    Table Top Simulator – Multiple games in different groups will be run similar to how the usual Thursday night social night at a lan would go.

    Friday 8th May – 7PM “smash into Jewelz big pink rig”

    Wreckfest night – Jump onto the dmw only server with 24 gaming slots for some smashing fun. Think destruction derby and don’t worry if your no good at racing games as not many of us finish the actual race anyway.

    Saturday 9th May – 7PM “main community night”

    Bad Company 2 – Yes that is right we are going back to the good old days of DMW against the world Friday night gaming (except it is Saturday) and playing with C4. We can now play an EA game at a Lan again because we are at a Wan and not sharing the same IP. We have organised our own rented dmw server which will be available for a full month so come join us all and have some fun with this classis shooter.

    These are just the games we have organised to be focused on at the said date and time and encourage us all to join in some fun during this challenging time. Please note you are still welcome to get peeps together and go play other things but we do ask don’t plan any epic group event during the evenings of the above mentioned times.
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    1. Tuna's Avatar
      Tuna -
      Assuming it's Battlefield 2:Bad Company that's needed for Saturday?
    1. Gortex's Avatar
      Gortex -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tuna View Post
      Assuming it's Battlefield 2:Bad Company that's needed for Saturday?
      Yes sir
    1. RogueTaylor's Avatar
      RogueTaylor -
      Awesome I should be there for all three nights and I look forward to some good games and some good laughs !
    1. Jewelz^'s Avatar
      Jewelz^ -
      Forever a victim
    1. sulky_uk's Avatar
      sulky_uk -
      not a bad result at 2350 uk

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    1. Sparko's Avatar
      Sparko -
      Hey guys, just a bit of info for the Wreckfest shenanigans for this weekend:

      Our server is called: Dead Men Walking Gaming Community Server | NO RULES | All Cars | - You can find it by going to Multiplayer in the main menu, then server browser and then move to the Friends tab at the top and you should see it (providing one of us are online), if not then you can trawl through the server list to find it .

      The password can be given to you on com's on discord (you probably already know it though )

      Some pointers if you either haven't played before or haven't played in a while:

      * Make sure you have plugged in any controller you wish to use before launching Wreckfest, otherwise it may not work once you are connected to the server.
      * If you have had Wreckfest installed for a while but haven't played in a month or so, it might be worth you verifying your steam files as there was an update recently that screwed up the loading of the game which resulted in an error on loading, verifying fixes this.
      * Its not about winning , its about laughing your head off at seeing your mate end up on their roof because of what you have done to them (its not a racing sim).
      * Actually finishing a race is hard enough, don't get discouraged if you wreck most of the time, we all 'Get Wrecked'

      Several members of the community have been playing for a while now and may have faster, stronger and more agile cars due to their progression in the game, with this in mind, we plan on having most races that involve us all in the same vehicle, Loan Cars/Supervans/Lawn Mowers/Motorhomes/Combines etc etc..
      We will also be running the random race where anyone can choose any car (and just stick Jewelz in a bumper car). My point is, don't let it put you off joining us if you think "well they have faster cars, so i'm not going to join" as we will cater for everyone

      We will also be running some 'Team' based races, something we haven't actually tried before, so this could put a whole new spin on things.

      Hope to see you all around on the night guys and stay safe
    1. DiseasedBunny's Avatar
      DiseasedBunny -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sparko View Post

      We will also be running some 'Team' based races, something we haven't actually tried before, so this could put a whole new spin on things.
      I see what you did there 😆
    1. Evilntwisted's Avatar
      Evilntwisted -
      I have just purchased it ready for tonights shenanigans
    1. Penfold's Avatar
      Penfold -
      Great seeing so many members online tonight playing in the virtual LAN.

      Big thanks to the team for organising
    1. A_Cheese_Puff's Avatar
      A_Cheese_Puff -
      Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Saturday 9th May

      Hello all, just a heads up on the plan for the Bad Company 2 evening this WAN.

      Server Name: Dead Men Walking - www.deadmen.co.uk
      Server Password: whoknows

      - Rush: One defending team, 1 attacking team. The attackers objective is to take 2 M-COM stations per stage. They can do this by arming them and defending them until they blow up, or they can use explosives to damage the M-COM until it explodes. The attackers have a set amount of tickets (lives) to do this in. After each stage, the attackers tickets rest. Once all stages have been taken, the attackers will win. The defenders objective is to stop the attackers from destroying these M-COM stations. If an M-COM is armed, the defenders must disarm it before it blows up. 1 attacker death takes a ticket off of the attackers ticket count. The defenders will win once the attackers tickets reach 0.
      - Conquest: There are 3 (occasionally more) flags that need to be captured. Each team will start with the same amount of tickets. Each team has the same objective, control over half of the zones. When a team controls over half the zones, it will start to bleed the enemy's tickets. Once one teams tickets reach 0, then the opposing team will win. Tickets will also bleed when a player is killed and respawns.
      - Squad Death Match: This is a simple game mode. 16 players split up into 4 squads of 4. Each squad's goal is to be the team to reach the target kills first.

      Map Rotation
      Valparaíso - Rush
      Isla Inocentes - Rush
      Atacama Desert - Conquest
      Oasis - Squad Death Match
      Oasis - Rush
      Cold War - Rush
      Heavy Metal - Conquest
      Isla Inocentes - Squad Death Match

      The server has been changed to a private server now, meaning it has a password and, in theory, everyone should have everything unlocked. We will play it by ear in regards to server numbers. If we get over 16 players then we can remove the squad death match rounds from the rotation. I will have a look tomorrow (today) to see if there is a way to increase squad sizes for this game-mode. I will be on before 7pm so feel free to contact me if you have any issues or questions.
    1. TwoBad's Avatar
      TwoBad -
      Just to add to what my trusty sidekick has already said. We may also run some 'silly' games just for laughs, these may include rounds where you can only use one type of weapon.
      The obvious one will be pistols only but we could also use other things, may favorite being C4 of course
      However, i was also thinking about a medic only round where you can only use the defib paddles and engineer only round where you can only use the repair tool.

      If anyone has any other idea, favorite maps or game types please let us know.
    1. DiseasedBunny's Avatar
      DiseasedBunny -
      I'll get it downloaded this morning
    1. A_Cheese_Puff's Avatar
      A_Cheese_Puff -
      An update for weapon unlocks in BFBC2, MikeP has thankfully informed me that the unranked game-mode isn't all fair and square and doesn't allow you to use every weapon. For those wanting to unlock stuff for their solider, there are still some XPx10 servers up which you can play on to get some extra points and weapons for your kits.
    1. sulky_uk's Avatar
      sulky_uk -
      This is also in wan text

      if you want to use joystick for helos and cant get your yaw or slider to work, please see these 2 pages. On the video do the yaw bit only and for the slider see the web page and download the program. I used to use this for BF2 and it works well.


    1. TeaLeaf's Avatar
      TeaLeaf -
      BC2 reinstalled. See you there!