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    Hi all, 2 things we wanted to talk about post-WAN.

    First, we are going to start pushing for some organised community game nights hoping to get bigger groups of us together for games like Among Us, Wreckfest, and so on. I've started a suggestions thread here, so when you find something that you think would go down well, mention it there so we can give it a go! For now the community admins will be setting the dates, mixing them up so if you can't make one you can hopefully make the next.

    Let's get things started THIS SATURDAY the 12th by returning for some Among Us and a trial of a new game, Deceit, as suggested by Jewelz. Deceit is FREE on Steam. Download it now and join in from 1900.

    Second, the video streaming of games during the WAN went down really well. This feature allows game streaming within a discord chat room for others to spectate. It doesn't stream externally to sites like twitch. We have decided to enable this across the whole discord, for all members. Hopefully this better let's us check out what else is going on in the community and check out games that other members are playing. Of course, this is for game-only streaming. Please don't abuse this feature or it will have to go!

    So, Saturday the 12th, Among Us and Deceit. See you there imposters!
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    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Remember boys n girls, Deceit and Among Us tonight from around 1900!

    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Great games and a great turnout, thanks to all who came along

      Any suggestions for what to play next, head over to the thread here -