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    COVID 19 -
    At the time of writing, the LAN is due to go ahead without specific COVID restrictions / precautions - in line with current government guidance.
    This is (obviously) subject to change. If the government bring in rules relating to testing, social distancing, vaccination, or anything else - these will of course then be applied to the LAN.
    Although unlikely, it remains a possibility that the Government backtracks and the LAN has to be cancelled. This will only happen if we have no choice in the matter.

    With that said, we would strongly encourage members to consider the risks of COVID not only to themselves, but also to other members and to all of our families. We would strongly advise the following -

    1) Please consider arranging a lateral flow test the day before the LAN. The admins will all be doing so.
    These can be obtained FOR FREE from HERE.
    This is probably one of the best ways to reduce the risk of an event like this from the word go.

    2) If you have not yet been double vaccinated, and are able to receive the vaccine, we would urge you to do so.
    I won't go into this any more here, but if anyone does want to discuss this with me personally (I have worked a mixture of emergency and intensive care medicine throughout the pandemic) I would be more than happy to do so!

    3) Please, if you have symptoms - get a test. If you get pinged by NHS test and trace, or otherwise come into close contact with a COVID positive individual, get a test and follow the guidance. Double vaccinated individuals no longer need to self isolate in this situation, but are encouraged to regularly test. Individuals without complete vaccination are still legally required to self isolate when in close contact with COVID - that would mean no LAN if you end up in this boat.

    Believe me, I don't want to be writing any of this out, but we don't have a choice here. We want the LANs to come back, but we have to be sensible here - all of us. We know events like this can spread bugs around, and we must do what we can to keep our flock safe.

    7th - 10th October 2021

    How to book your place at LAN XXXVI -

    1. Call the Oliver Cromwell Hotel - 01354 602890 - book a room, mentioning that you are booking for the dMw LAN to get the reduced rates (see below).
    2. Complete THIS FORM. Without this form, you have NOT booked your place at the LAN. If we fill up, someone could still steal your spot if they get this in before you!

    The form REQUIRES sign in with a Google account. This lets you to go back and edit your response at any time, just follow the link above and click through to the bit you want to amend.

    With your room booked and the booking form completed, you have booked your room! I will add you to the list below!

    A few of us are planning to get to the LAN on Wednesday night. Anyone is welcome to join us! This is a SOCIAL ONLY evening, with absolutely no gaming involved. The LAN room will NOT be available until we have set it up on Thursday morning. The LAN itself will start on Thursday afternoon.

    The Booking Form
    The idea here is to gather as much information as possible, as early as possible. Hopefully this cuts down on the number of forum threads needing to be checked and orders chased up in the build up to the LAN.

    Although the form is required to book your gaming place, you do NOT need to answer every question now if you don't want to - there is an option for 'Not sure yet' on the food sign up.

    Your food orders will be visible HERE for reference.

    If you wish to amend your order, or any other info on the form, please do so by clicking on the link to the form above and editing your response.

    The more information we get at sign-up the better, but don't worry at all if you don't know what you want yet. We will chase you down in due time

    The LAN
    We hope to make it a great weekend for all. Kick off is Thursday afternoon, but don't fret if you can't make it til later! There is stuff going on all weekend.

    The Oliver Cromwell Hotel offers:
    The Noble Suite - an air conditioned conference room
    24/7 access to the suite
    dMw control of entry to the suite
    Late night bar
    Large indoor swimming pool
    Eight-person Jacuzzi
    Sauna and Steam room

    Room Costs
    The hotel offers us the following reduced rates for the LAN -
    Double room - £50 per night.
    Twin room - £66 per night - this works out as £33 EACH when you share with a mate!

    dMw Costs:

    Supporting Member:- £10 (this has not changed)
    Non-Supporting Member:- £25 (this includes an automatic upgrade to Supporting Member status for one year)

    Supporting Member:- £0 (this has not changed)
    Non-Supporting Member:- £12 (this includes an automatic upgrade to Supporting Member status for one year)

    PC and Monitor - 1 only. Don't forget your power cables!
    Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad.
    Joystick, Xbox Controller, etc.
    Headphones - no speakers!
    Duct tape - to tape your cables down!
    Ethernet Cable - Cat6, ideally 3m+ in case you are far from the switch.
    Extension cord, preferably a 4-way (
    ) and surge protected.
    Money - how else will you buy us beer?

    There is a bar 10 yards from the LAN room, and a highstreet (with a fine Kebab establishment) 20 yards away.

    The hotel gives us a heavily discounted rate on our rooms, and gives us the LAN room for FREE. Please respect the arrangement we have had with them for many years and the relationship we have built.
    Do not bring in alcohol from outside. There is a bar for that. Snacks and the odd salted seahorse latte from Costa are generally ok, but please bring such things in discretely (i.e. through the door leading directly to the LAN room, not via the public bar), and don't take the proverbial.

    *Do not mess with another member's gear.

    It might seem funny to screw around with someone's desktop as a joke, but the LAN room is not the place. Things can easily be taken the wrong way.

    *Do not smoke in your hotel room, in proximity to it, or near the LAN room.

    The hotel has a no smoking policy when in, or in proximity to, the rooms. Ignore this and face a hefty cleaning fee.

    *The hotel has a strict no drugs policy, and the right to call the police should they find evidence of drug use on hotel grounds.

    The use of such substances in the hotel or grounds is strictly forbidden.

    Travel:- we will do our best to arrange pick up and drop off from the major London airports. If you find yourself stuck or simply want to share a lift, post in the travel plans thread.

    seating details will be released closer to the event.

    Please note that we have now included the LAN Disclaimer into the booking form. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch. You have not secured your LAN place until you have accepted the Disclaimer and completed the rest of the booking form it is attached to.
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    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -

      Now that I have your attention...

      You are able to edit your booking form as desired, to amend food choices and so on.

      When it comes to the beer fund, either contributing to a keg or just throwing a fiver in, we will be ordering based on the information we have at some point during the middle of September.

      This means that after this point, we really don't want people backing out if they have already committed.

      Please can I ask that you contact me directly if you need to back out of this? Don't just edit your form. We absolutely understand life happens and sometimes plans have to change, but please let us know directly on this one as it can affect others too.

      That said, if you decide you want to contribute after this point - that isn't a problem! This just brings the price down a bit for everyone involved! Never a bad thing.


      1. GhostMjr - Wednesday
      2. Gortex - Wednesday
      3. smilodon - Wednesday
      4. Jewelz - Wednesday
      5. Gunda - Wednesday
      6. Myopic Sniper - Thursday
      7. BrotherTobious - Friday
      8. uni - Thursday
      9. Tuna - Thursday
      10. Sneakytiger - Wednesday
      11. Lionheart - Thursday
      12. Lup4m - Wednesday
      13. RogueTaylor - Wednesday
      14. suicidal_monkey - Wednesday
      15. Sparko - Thursday
      16. Nuka - Thursday
      17. A_Cheese_Puff - Thursday
      18. Gorliath - Wednesday
      19. Gibbo - Wednesday
      20. simagule - Thursday
      21. SithAfrikaan - Friday
      22. Turd - Thursday
      23. DZ - Thursday
      24. Albert - Friday
      25. Penfold - Friday
      26. DickDastardly - Saturday


      1. Chaos - Thursday
      2. MrsSith - Friday
    1. Myopic Sniper's Avatar
      Myopic Sniper -
      yay LAAN!
    1. BrotherTobious's Avatar
      BrotherTobious -
      Friday I will grace you with my presence
    1. uni's Avatar
      uni -
      Booked and form completed. Will be arriving on Thursday.
    1. Dexterous's Avatar
      Dexterous -
      Gonna arrive for the most exciting Thursday in ages.
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Excellent news chaps!

      Hope you are well Dex, haven't heard from you in donkeys.

      List updated!
    1. Tuna's Avatar
      Tuna -
      Booked - Thursday shenanigans it is.
    1. Sneakytiger's Avatar
      Sneakytiger -
      booked cya wednesday night
    1. Penfold's Avatar
      Penfold -
      I think I may social this one. I'm out all that week as it is so may just be a case of popping along.
    1. Jewelz^'s Avatar
      Jewelz^ -
      Spooning Gibbo from Wednesday mmm
    1. TheDvEight's Avatar
      TheDvEight -
      Booked Social Saturday.
    1. RogueTaylor's Avatar
      RogueTaylor -
      Booked in from the Wednesday, will bring some board games and most of my love... form is also done
    1. suicidal_monkey's Avatar
      suicidal_monkey -
      Booked from Wednesday (fingers crossed!) ... form filled ... bring on the kegs!
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Nice one.

      List updated!
    1. Evilntwisted's Avatar
      Evilntwisted -
      Form complete and will be from Wednesday.
    1. Sparko's Avatar
      Sparko -
      Booked, arriving Thursday lunch time, form completed, thong ordered
    1. albert's Avatar
      albert -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sparko View Post
      Booked, arriving Thursday lunch time, form completed, thong ordered
      You do realise that any material (non medial) covid mask doubles as a perfectly good thong if the package is small enough! Talking from experience
    1. Nuka's Avatar
      Nuka -
      Booked for Thursday, form completed and vaseline on standby...
    1. A_Cheese_Puff's Avatar
      A_Cheese_Puff -
      Your favourite cheese is all booked for Thursday. Packets of cheese puffs and a Brie dip all ordered.
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Brie and Vaseline, what a combo.

      List updated!

      Edit - Aaaaand I've found Nuka's new nickname.