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  • Werewolf! 22/1/22

    Let's play some Werewolf!

    Saturday night, 22/1/22, from around 1930-2000.


    This is essentially the same game we have played a lot at the LAN.

    It is currently on sale on Steam (but only for another 4 hours!), but at full price is still only £4.

    Come and join in, the more people we have the better it plays!

    I'm definitely not the werewolf.

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    1. RogueTaylor's Avatar
      RogueTaylor -
      Count me in, not the best at these but can’t pass up the opportunity for chaos to yell at me and call me a lier
    1. Sixthor's Avatar
      Sixthor -
      This looks like it could be a lot of fun. And also like Chaos would yell at people. Approved!
    1. DiseasedBunny's Avatar
      DiseasedBunny -
      Got a training course on until 9pm, if you are still playing around then i'll jump in. (If one of you can broadcast it i can at least keep an eye on the proceedings )
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Sounds good!
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Come and join us tonight around 8 for some shenanigans. I'm probably definitely most likely 1000% a villager.