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  • LAN XXXIX Itinerary & Games List

    Here is a rough guide to what the weekend might look like at the upcoming May LAN.

    Numbers are currently a little low. If this ends up being a smaller event, we might change the planned activities - so nothing below is written in stone!


    Afternoon-Evening - Pub Crawl, followed by card & board games.
    2100+ - Among Us.


    Hot Lap & Card / Board games throughout the day.
    1800 - Steak Night.
    2100+ - Wreckfest.


    1100 - Retro Tournament.
    1400 - Dead by Daylight Tournament.
    1600 - NvG Deagle (may start earlier and run on and off throughout the day).
    1900 - WWZ Tournament.
    2100 - Prizes & Close.

    If the OW2 Beta is live & popular, we (read: I) will shoehorn it in somewhere (/everywhere).

    The astute among you () might be able to deduce the Games List from the above... but this is dMw so -

    Among Us
    Overwatch 2 Beta - Sign up now to avoid disappointment - https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/beta/

    You don't need to own Dead by Daylight to join the competition, BUT if you want to play it from your own machine, buy a copy.


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    1. simagule's Avatar
      simagule -
      dead by daylight currently 50% off on steam.
    1. Chaosphere's Avatar
      Chaosphere -
      Excellent, well spotted smeagle!