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    Published on 25th May 2010 09:48 AM


    Dead Men Walking (dMw) is a well-established, highly social, international online gaming community with over 400 active members spanning most of the globe. We are known for fun, mature and professional gaming and our large and social community, with the highlight being the bi-annual LAN events held in the United Kingdom.

    dMw provides a home to gamers who enjoy both gaming as well as being part of a wider social online community. The key is in our highly active forum, which presently holds more than a quarter of a million posts. In addition to coordinating weekly gaming days, Christmas battles, bi-annual LAN-parties and summer BBQs, it helps members share information, provide help and support, discuss technology, cyber security and current affairs – or just about any other topic you can imagine.

    Can I join?

    You can be a hard-core gamer or completely new to gaming. It does not matter. What does, is a mature attitude at all times, that you put your team before yourself and that you play fair. Our members have a diverse range of abilities; some are highly experienced gaming veterans, others are relatively new to gaming – but we all work together, as a team, to complete the game objectives and to help each other enjoy the game to the fullest extent.

    What games do you play?

    There is no set list as to the games which we enjoy together. Any game which evolves around team work, has strategic and tactical elements, or has a serious simulation aspect, is within our scope. With a community of this size we play several games, with these being the most actively played:

    Tactical gaming: ARMA2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Left4Dead, CoD 4.
    Simulation: Live for Speed, rFactor (with HistoriX mod), iRacing and NetKarPro.
    MMORPG: World of Warcraft (under the name of Dead Men Raiding)

    Where possible, the Community provides game servers for members to enjoy their game of choice. This includes Ventrilo and Teamspeak servers so that Members can strategise and socialise at the same time and we highly encourage members to join.

    As a member you are free to play all the listed games in the community.

    When do you play?

    We have weekly gaming days to coordinate gaming. You are free to play on the servers at anytime, but the best action is on specific days. At present, for example, Mondays are for COD4, Tuesdays for ArmA II, Wednesdays are for the L4D Zombie Chomp Hoedown, Thursdays hold the weekly 1 hour Live for Speed race challenge, and Fridays are BFBC2 with a 'dMw versus the World' night.

    We play games… some of the time!

    Besides gaming, dMw also supports a folding team, Dead Men Folding. The team was founded in 2004 and has since then handed in more than 100,000 work units to Stanford University and is currently ranked #188.

    We arrange LAN parties twice a year for community members and usually have a healthy contingent of members travelling from overseas to attend our UK-based LAN events. Our event takes place Friday-to-Sunday, with both day-travellers and all-weekend-attendees. Friday evening is usually an alcoholic highpoint. You can choose to enter the arranged competitions or just enjoy large steaks and larger pints. and for new guys to meet the people behind the screens. Both gaming and 'socialising' typically lasts into the early morning hours. For regulars it is also a chance to catch up with friendsWe keep the event exclusive so it's first come first served for around 50 attendees

    Is it free or what?

    Being part of dMw is completely free. By registering you have full access to the servers, the forum and the various events. The community including the servers and the forum, is maintained through donations, supporting members (voluntary subscription with some benefits), LAN-fees and through an affiliate program with several, large online retailers.

    Sounds cool – where do I sign up?

    In order to access our forums and in particular to obtain the password to our private dMw gaming servers you to register on our forums with a valid email address. You can register to join our community NOW by clicking here

    Guild Membership Standards
    DMR is a fun, sociable raiding guild filled with people from all walks of life with one thing in common. We all enjoy WoW and we all enjoy the fun, friendly interaction between others. As DMR is a part of the larger dMw community we have specific guidelines that we all must follow. You can read about the Community Membership Standards here.

    dMw also has General Gaming Standards that relate to the other games that we play. These are not fully compatible with WoW due to the nature of the game, so I will highlight the key points here that we also must all adhere to with additions in italics.

    The General Gaming Standards are a standard of conduct to which all members of the 'Dead Men Walking' (dMw for short) community must adhere. They have been drawn up to ensure that the actions of an individual does not spoil the enjoyment of others and to provide information
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    Step 1:
    Make sure you have read these posts:

    Our Philosophy
    What we look for
    Class ...


    If you want to know how much DKP you have or who's been getting what loot, then head on over to the DKP Website ...

    Our guild was founded on the principles of the dMw community and we strive to provide our members with a mature, drama-free environment where everyone cares about making the guild the best it can be and having fun whilst playing the game.

    We like to raid but we still want to have a real life. We emphasise quality over quantity, both in terms of time spent raiding and in the way we deal with our members.

    We want our members to be sociable & fresh for each raid so we only raid 3 nights per week
    , but we ask for your commitment to those nights. We feel this is more fun and more productive than strapping your head to the raid grindstone for 5 hours per night, 6 nights per week. Most of our members are in full-time employment and/or have children, so we start our raids a little later than most guilds to allow time for people to get home, have dinner and prepare for our raids properly. Likewise we finish a little earlier than most to accommodate those who need to get up early next morning.

    Everyone in Dead Men Raiding is there for the long run because they believe in our founding principles and because they enjoy the environment we provide. By keeping a tightly-knit force of dedicated & friendly people we will be able to progress at a steady pace and finish raid content without breaking our necks over it.


    - It really helps if your completed application template to this guild is neatly filled in and without typo's. We understand that English is not everyone's first language, but if we aren't interesting enough for you to pull your application through a spellchecker at least once,
    then you can't expect us to be interested in return.

    We're a highly sociable guild that enjoys a lot of guild chat banter and forum activity. If you are not able to take an active part in all guild communications, don't apply to an English speaking guild like us.

    - Although we won't exclude people based on age, people under the age of 20 will have to prove they can fit in
    as most of our members are over that age.

    Gear & Attitude

    We are perfectly willing to accept under-geared recruits if they are really good players & people. Badge gear, reputation gear, some pvp gear, whatever is available is something you should have as an under-geared applicant. However, more important than your gear is that you fit in with the existing members of the guild. If you cannot socialise well with us on Teamspeak and in guild chat then this guild is not for you.


    At the end of the day we play this game for fun and if we can't shoot the breeze more often than not, what's there to play for, right?
    When we're raiding we don't require you to be a heartless robot that can take all the abuse in the world without breaking a sweat, but you need to be able take any criticism at face value and not fret too much it. We expect our members to be mature enough to handle it and with good enough communication skills to be involved with encounter, class or 'problem' discussions and to explore the game, your character and its abilities to the fullest extent to better help the raid progress. A proactive & positive attitude towards everything is important.

    We do realize that the above goals might not always be what happens in practice. As with all things in life, there can be a lot of factors that interfere with your goals. However, not striving for an ideal and just accepting the status quo is not a healthy way to go about things.

    If after all of this you still think you can put up with us and have some energy left to write a
    great application, then feel free to apply here.

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