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    A raft of documentation is available here!

    1. As with all games adopted by dMw, Teamwork is a must. You need to follow your squad leaders commands, work together with your squad members, and you will be fine. Well fine-ish
    2. Learn how to play before going online. First i would start with the boot camp to familiarise yourself with the controls and the map interface. Then try messing around in the Armory with all the different peices of kit, especially personal weapons. Learn how to shoot assault rifles through iron sights and reflex sights. Also learn how to snipe (its a bit harder than in COD) and use AT weapons to knock out vehicles at 300m. Once this is done, your'll find it easiler contibute to the missions online.
    3. You are not God. It takes a single bullet to kill you. A headshot kill in COD! I hear you say. In ARMA 3, one shot to a vital organ and you are on the ground, bleeding. A round in the head or lungs, and you can kiss the idea of completing a mission goodbye.
    4. Guns are not your friends. In other games, bullets fly exactly where you want them to. In ARMA, bullets act like real bullets. Expect them to drop slightly when fired and at long range and to be affected by the wind.
    5. Be smart. If your hid behind a wall and thinking of running towards a haystack, think about what you are doing. If there is a MG spraying the wall above you, don't stand up.
    6. Use Teamspeak. Anyone who has played with ARMA's in-game comms will tell you it can get a bit choppy at the best of times. Details below
    7. Lean!!! If your in cover, use the lean keys. Rather than sticking your entire body out, just put your gun out
    8. Enjoy. Have fun, above all else it is the reason we all play.

    hope to see you on the server soon. Details below

    If you have any problems or questions, contact me or anyone of the Admins

    Server Details and Connection Info

    We are currently running one co-op server with no required add-ons but patched to the most current version (currently 1.05)
    We treat this game like any other we support. We don't play for points, frags or bragging rights (much), it's about enjoying the games and playing them the way they are supposed to be played. If you are new, welcome to dMw, if you aren't you already know how to play the 'right' way, so come on in and enjoy!!

    We have regular sessions on Sunday and Tuesday nights between 8-11pm (GMT)

    Server Details
    Public co-op server -

    InGame Comms
    In game comms are essentially MANDATORY for this game. Please check below for details.
    We encourage all players to connect to our Teamspeak 3 server where there is an Arma2 room set up.
    Details Here

    We generally run without modifications on the server, however we do have the capacity to run an ACE2 setup. Please watch for announcements for special ACE2 nights! See below for how to install ACE2

    Download this;
    and run it...


    1. Start the 'Six Updater - GUI', this will open a web interface after a few seconds. If not browse to http://localhost:16333/
    2. Click on 'Main'.
    3. Ensure that the 'A.C.E. Mod (Vanilla)' profile is selected.
    4. Click 'Execute'.

    This will now install the selected mods. This may take some time, especially on the first run due to a large amount of data being downloaded.
    Job done. Now create another ARMA2 shortcut and change the shortcut setting to;
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2\arma2-ACE.exe" -noSplash -noFilePatching -showScriptErrors -mod=@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_PLA;@ACEX_SM;@CBA

    Your original shortcut will run ARMA2 (or using the Steam games piece), your new shortcut will fire up the ACE2 version. Alternatively you can use the launcher as part of the first file you downloaded.

    Folding@Home is a distributed computing project that is run by the Pandegroup at Stanford University. Their goal is to understand protein folding, protein aggregation, and related diseases.

    What are proteins and why do they "fold"?

    Proteins are biology's workhorses -- its "nanomachines." Before proteins can carry out their biochemical function, they assemble themselves, or "fold." The process of protein folding, while critical and fundamental to virtually all of biology, remains a mystery. Moreover, perhaps not surprisingly, when proteins do not fold correctly (i.e. "misfold"), there can be serious effects, including many well known diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, and Parkinson's disease.

    For a protein to fold or misfold takes very little time, but it is hugely complicated. Analyses of the folding of even the simplest of proteins requires significant super computing power. The amount of computing power required to perform these gargantuan calculations and to come up with any worthwhile results is massive and most supercomputers today would buckle under the pressure. This is where we come into the picture with the Folding@Home software.

    What have we done so far?
    Here are the peer reviewed results from Folding@home. We stress that it can take quite a while to go from a result to a published peer review article (often as much as a year). Also, these articles are written for fellow scientists, so they are fairly technical. However, these papers represent our progress to date that's publicly available, with lots more on the way.

    What does the F@H software do?

    The software will then run in the background. It will try to download a set of data (a Work Unit - WU for short) from the Stanford University computers and then start processing the small amount of data. When this work has been done it will send it back to Stanford and ask for more data upon which to work. The WUs take a long time to complete even on the fastest home computers.
    Work is now stored at for example 15 or 30 minute check points, you choose interval during installation. This basically means you can leave f@h to itself and you need not pay any special attention to f@h during your daily use of your PC.

    You can download the installation package for the F@H program here. Use the name checker at the bottom of this page to see if your preferred name is unique.

    The newer GPU-folding client can be found here, for both Ati and Nvidia cards.(You need a newer card to be able to use this)

    Make sure you enter 33597 (the Dead Men Folding team) as the team number. In addition, it is recommended that you do not run the software in screensaver mode as this slows the speed at which your computer can process the work unit!

    Remember that your Ps3 can also fold like a super computer.

    Will F@H make my PC run more slowly?

    The slightly older CPU folding will not. When your computer would otherwise be idle, the software grabs the surplus cpu cycles for the benefit of this research and processes some of the data. When your computer needs to do some work for you the F@H program immediately stops. The chances are that you you use only 10% of the processing power that is provided by your Pentium or Athlon powered computer. This means that 90% of the time that your PC is powered up your processor is doing absolutely nothing. By running the Folding@Home software on your PC you can effectively use 100% of the processors capability as it only uses computing cycles that are unused. You should not even notice that it is running. For example, you could run F@H and play CS simultaneously - you should not notice any difference in the speed of your machine! If you want to make absolutely sure, then just adjust the option to limit the processor useage to 90%, thus always leaving 10% in reserve. But in the new GPU folding software, your GPU(Graphics processing unit) handles the folding calculations. That means it will be extremely faster than CPU folding but will take more power off from the computer. That means you can't play or do anything that requires computers full potential, but minor tasks like web browsing should not be a problem. It is adviced you run GPU-folding during the days or nights when you don't need all the power in your own use.

    Deadmen Folding - Team 33597

    In order to generate an additional element of interest in the F@H project, Stanford University allows teams to be set up who then compete to see who has managed to process the most WUs. A completed WU (once received back by the university) is granted a certain number of points depending upon its complexity. More completed WUs equals more points. You can see who is in the Deadmen Folding team by looking here. If you join the team (by downloading the software and entering your chosen name and our team number) you will automatically appear on our member's page when your first completed WU has been received.

    The Deadmen Folding team is open to anyone, so if you or a computer you know has some spare CPU time then please add it to our team folding effort! Join the team and help us earn some more points!


    Using other PCs to process more WUs and boost both your own and your teams total points score (aka Borging) is very popular. However we do not wish to see anyone losing their job or being reprimanded over F@H. So, if you wish to run the F@H software on machines that are not your own, please make sure that you have permission to do so!

    Dead Men Walking

    Attitude :: Teamwork :: Fairplay

    The 'Dead Men Walking' community aims to provide a home for players who revel in mature gameplay of all kinds. We recognise and reward an individual's mature attitude, teamwork and fairplay above their skill level. Dead Men Walking use a system of forum badges called 'Awards' as symbols of achievement. These awards are visible in each member's profile and a full list is viewable here.

    Gaming Awards

    Where Dead Men Walking have decided that a particular game should be regarded as 'supported' then that game will have its own section and have a senior member designated as its Section Head. The Section Head will closely monitor the behaviour of the players on our servers and, should the qualifying criteria be met, award gaming badges accordingly. Members who have been awarded the game badge are permitted to use the appropriate gaming tag in their player name wherever they chose to play. This in turn helps us promote our style of play and further our reputation. However, Dead Men Walking accepts that our members are allowed to be members of other clans/communities as well so we ask that in such cases you only wear our tag when playing on our servers.

    Gaming Awards - Criteria

    An award cannot be considered any earlier than 3 months after playing on our servers for the first time. The member must have consistently demonstrated good teamwork, knowledge and execution of the appropriate rules and guidelines, a mature attitude and an active, quality presence on the forums. Members who demonstrate the qualities we look for will be noticed and will be approached by the Section Head. Existing award holders are encouraged to make their Section Heads aware of anyone they think is showing potential for an award.

    Gaming Tags

    If you have been awarded a gaming badge then you are entitled to wear that game's tag as part of your player name but only when you are playing that game. You are not permitted to use that game's tag when playing any other game. Dead Men Walking accept that it's advantageous to both players and admins to easily identify members who have been awarded a game badge but are currently playing a supported game where they have no such award. In such cases it is permitted to use .dMw after your player name. You must not use .dMw if you do not have any gaming awards.


    Player1 has no gaming awards.
    Player2 has a CounterStrike award.
    Player3 has CounterStrike and CoD4 gaming awards.

    Tags when playing CounterStrike


    Tags when playing CoD4


    Tags when playing Live for Speed


    Gaming Tags - Triallists

    There is scope within some of the games we support to incorporate a temporary stage on the way to a full badge award. Players may be approached by the Section Head and asked if they would consider being a triallist for the game award. This could happen at any time but no earlier than 1 month after playing on the server for the first time. Triallists will be allowed to wear a modified gaming tag as part of their player name. This will identify them to others on the server as someone who has the potential to become a full badge holder. Triallists must only use their modified gaming tag on our servers and only those supporting the game being trialled for. The trial period must not exceed 6 months. Triallists who do not succeed in being awarded the game badge will be asked to remove their triallist tag and will not be considered again for a minimum period of 6 months.

    Triallist tag CounterStrike: -=[dMt]=-
    Triallist tag CoD4: dMt|

    Please note that triallists who hold a game award in a different section will be allowed to append their player name with .dMw when wearing their triallist tag.

    Our standards have been put in place to keep the atmosphere within our community at a mature and respectful level and to help maximise the enjoyment you gain from your gaming and socialising with us.

    1. Understand the Dead Men Walking Ethos
    dMw is a supporter and advocate of team-based and tactical gaming wherever the situation allows. We believe that where game designers permit cooperation between players with a view to better completing the game objective that full advantage of this feature should be taken. Work as a team wherever possible, complete your given game's objective! Wherever possible use voice comms! The ability to communicate verbally in real time greatly enhances your gaming experience and adds a hugely enjoyable social element too!

    Registration via our forums will make you a member of our community & grant you access to the private area of the forums that contain our current server passwords.

    2. Language & Behavour
    Members should maintain a mature level of conduct at all times. Be helpful and respectful to others and please keep your language and behaviour in the forums, voice comms servers and in-game at that same level. Play as though you are an example for other players and set a good one. New members or visitors to our servers will often follow examples set by veteran players, good OR bad.

    3. Dealing With dMw Personnel
    If you disagree with a decision made by a member of the Admin team then please feel free to take it up with them. However please do not start a flame-war in the forums or on the server. We expect mature and reasonable behaviour from our members and if you treat dMw personnel with respect then we guarantee that they will treat you with respect in return.

    4. Server Password
    Under no circumstances should any registered player distribute their password to the server to any other person. Violation of this rule is taken very seriously.

    5. Player Bans
    If you have been banned from the server, it is for a good reason. If you do not feel the ban is warranted, bring it up DIRECTLY with the Admins. Once again, treating the Admins with respect will go a long way in regards to having the Admin respect you and in the deliberation of your 'case'. A list of the Admins can be found here.

    6. Escalation Procedure
    If you feel that your case has not been resolved in a satisfactory manner, please contact AdminJudge. Any requests presented in-game will not be responded to and if pursued could lead to an additional warning or being kicked as this is disruptive to the other players.

    Our standards have been put in place to keep the atmosphere within our community at a mature and respectful level and to help maximise the enjoyment you gain from your gaming and socialising with us.

    Language & Behaviour
    We believe that we should maintain a mature level of conduct at all times. We should be helpful and respectful to others and keep our language and behaviour in the forums and to each other at that same level.

    Understand the Dead Men Walking Ethos
    dMw is a supporter and advocate of team-based and tactical gaming wherever the situation allows. We believe that where game designers permit cooperation between players with a view to better completing the game objective that full advantage of this feature should be taken. We work as a team wherever possible, complete your given game's objective! Wherever possible we use voice comms! The ability to communicate verbally in real time greatly enhances our gaming experience and adds a hugely enjoyable social element too!

    A big part of Dead Men Walking is the sense of community our members feel with each other. As part of this community, we work to resolve and help fix problems we see in-game or on our forums that are contrary to the our mature, team-based philosophy. If a member sees something that doesn't fit with this philosophy then we'll work together to improve things.

    Acceptable Use Policy
    We have an Acceptable Use Policy on our forums and servers.

    Our Game Servers
    We host both public and private servers and also support games where a hosted server is not an option (e.g. for an MMORPGs).. We password protect some of our gaming servers to maintain the integrity of our tactical and team-based style of play and so that Members can enjoy their gaming to the fullest extent with other members.

    The Dead Men Walking Brand
    The dMw Community has grown over many years to become a well respected group within the wider gaming community. This is in no small part due to the hard work of the Community Leaders, Council Members, Game Leaders, Administrators and all the members of the dMw Community past and present. Therefore it is important that we maintain a high standard of behaviour at all times while representing the dMw community as a player or wearing the dMw tags, and do nothing to undermine the good name and reputation of the Dead Men Walking Community.

    Also it is important to remember that the Dead Men Walking (dMw) name is controlled by the Community Leaders. It is they who decide which games the community officially supports. Therefore only the Community Leaders may create guilds, clans, squads, teams, chat channels, forum recruitment threads or any other on-line entity bearing the Dead Men Walking (dMw) name or logo. Likewise the creation of any media, branded products, promotional material, business cards, leaflets or other physical items that bear the Dead Men Walking name and/or logo. Community members should never create any on-line resource or printed media of any kind without first receiving clear permission from the Leadership.

    We encourage and support a range of different games within our community. We usually try them all! We believe a little bit of variety usually spices things up and when we find a new game we think is worth trying to post about it in our forums so that we can all give it a go!

    We believe membership of our community should be fun. We want our Members to enjoy their gaming and socialising with other Members more than playing solo on a random online server. We want our Members to to enjoy not just the game, but the company of other Members. If it isn't more fun then you should probably try something different!

    Our Admin standards have been put in place to keep the atmosphere within our community at a mature and respectful level and to help maximise the enjoyment you gain from your gaming and socialising with us.

    1. Language
    Admins should hold a professional level of conduct at all time. Please keep your language in the forums and on the server at a professional and mature level. If we sink to vulgarity and name-calling the other Members will see it and follow suit. What is acceptable for YOU to do is acceptable for them to do.

    2. Team-based Gaming Style
    All Admins should have a good and current understanding of how our team-based, mature & respectful ethos is applied in the games we play. Admins should endeavour to develop other Members' and non-members' understanding of our ethos so that we all get greater enjoyment from our gaming & socialising. Admins should aim to actively welcome and assist new or less experienced players to our games - this will benefit us all in the long-term as it encourages more visitors to stick around and join our community.

    Admins should lead by example and work as part of a team wherever possible, to complete the game's objective! Wherever possible Admins should use voice comms as the ability to communicate verbally in real time greatly enhances the gaming & social experience for all.

    3. Forums
    Admins are not to participate in forum-based flame wars.

    4. Server & Other Passwords
    Under no circumstances should any Admin distribute their server, rcon or other mod passwords to any other person. Violation of this rule is taken very seriously.

    5. Activity
    Admins are expected to maintain a reasonable level of activity in both the forums and the servers. Inactive Admins benefit no-one and, for this reason, will have all admin privileges rescinded.

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