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    Guild Membership Standards
    DMR is a fun, sociable raiding guild filled with people from all walks of life with one thing in common. We all enjoy WoW and we all enjoy the fun, friendly interaction between others. As DMR is a part of the larger dMw community we have specific guidelines that we all must follow. You can read about the Community Membership Standards here.

    dMw also has General Gaming Standards that relate to the other games that we play. These are not fully compatible with WoW due to the nature of the game, so I will highlight the key points here that we also must all adhere to with additions in italics.

    The General Gaming Standards are a standard of conduct to which all members of the 'Dead Men Walking' (dMw for short) community must adhere. They have been drawn up to ensure that the actions of an individual does not spoil the enjoyment of others and to provide information