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    I got the enchanting skill, got 300 skill even, and I spent lot's of money to get new formula's for better enchants. By now I got so many I can't list them all. But I'll post a few of the most popular enchants (or at least, the ones I know I got )


    +10 Armor
    +20 Armor
    +50 Armor
    +70 Armor
    +1 resistance (all)
    +3 resistance (all)
    +5 resistance (all)
    +7 Fire Resistance
    +15 Fire Resistance
    +10 Shadow Resistance
    +3 Agility


    +5 Stamina
    +7 Stamina
    +9 Stamina
    +5 Strength
    +7 Strength
    +9 Strength
    +5 Intellect
    +7 Intellect
    +9 Spirit
    +3 Defence
    +?? Healing (Argent Dawn formula, think it's 24 or something)
    + mana regen

    Stamina and Agility +7
    Increase minor movement speed (don't know how much faster)

    Strength, Agility
    Riding Skill
    Mining Skill +5
    +1% attack speed

    +100 HP
    +100 Mana
    +3 all stats


    15 Str
    15 Agi
    55 Healing NEW!
    25 Agi (2H only)
    20 Spirit (2H only)
    9 Spirit (2H only)
    9 Intellect (2H only)
    +7 and +9 weapon damage (2H only)
    +3 damage (1H only)
    +4 damage (1H only)
    Fiery Weapon
    Icy Chill
    Demon Slaying
    Elemental Slayer +6
    Beast Slayer +6

    Spirit and Stamina
    Frost Resistance +8

    Other Service

    Enchanted Thorium bars
    Enchanted Leather

    And a few enchants more...but like I said can't remember them all.
    Enchanting is FREE for guildies, but you have to bring the mats yourself.
    Tips are more than welcome though 8)

    (1)Shield enchants added.
    (2)New enchant added.
    (3)Another enchant added.
    (4)Yet another enchant added.
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    Little bump.

    Im updating the list once in a while, also adding enchants that I forgot to place here but what I do have.

    Enchants are still free, if you bring the mats

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    Got a few new enchants:

    Enchant Weapon: Lifestealing
    Enchant Weapon: Unholy (useless, but looks cool^^)
    Enchant Bracer: Assault (+24 Attack Power)
    Enchant Bracer: Brawn...or something (+12 Str)
    Enchant Cloak: 120 Armor
    Enchant Chest: 150 Health
    Enchant Gloves Assault (+24 Attack Power if Im correct)
    Enchant Bracers: +12 Intellect
    Enchant Bracers: +4 all stats
    Enchant Weapon: +40 Spellpower
    Enchant Weapon: +20 Strength
    Enchant Voidsphere: +4 resist all gem (red/yellow/blue socket)
    Enchant Gloves: Spellpower (don't know how much exactly)

    Also a few more, but don't know the stats or names (I just smash the 'train' button not realy checking what I buy).
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    It's been a while since I last posted here, but since Im in DMR now, might as well update the list a bit. Got enchanting 446/450 now.
    A few things I can do are (can't remember all though):

    Enchant Weapon: Berserking (400AP proc with loss of armor)
    Enchant Weapon: Massacre (110 AP)
    Enchant Weapon: spellpower thingy (the 63SP for 1H/2H)
    Enchant Weapon: Superior Potency (65 AP for 1H's)
    Enchant Weapon: Black Magic
    Enchant Weapon: Life Ward
    Enchant Gloves: Armsman (2% extra threat 10 parry rating)
    Enchant Bracers: 15 expertise rating
    Enchant Bracers: +6 stats
    Enchant Bracers: ?? Attack Power (the WotLK version anyway)
    Enchant Chest: +8 stats and +10 stats
    Enchant Boots: Attack power (30AP if Im not mistaking)
    Cloak Enchants: Armor, Haste, Agility

    Obviously a lot more...but can't remember them atm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsong View Post
    It's been a while since I last posted here, but since Im in DMR now
    Welcome back from SOG! I've added your DMR badge now so you should be able to see the member section too!
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    Got enchanting on 450 for a while now, trying to get more recipes (vendor recipes). But can do the majority of the vendor recipes (except for a few things like Giant Slayer...who uses that anyway?).

    As long as you got the mats, I'll add the sparks ;)

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    Got enchanting 525 now, but haven't been able to buy all the shardvendor recipes.
    Also, some nice weapon enchants are way above my budget to buy (need 5 maelstrom shards to buy a recipe, AH price atm is 1100G per crystal, so 5.5K for a recipe is too much).

    Still, got all the trainer recipes, so if you'd ever need anything, bring mats and it's free ;)

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    Since the price-drop of Maelstrom crystals I've now also got:

    Enchant Weapon Landslide
    Enchant Weapon Power Torrent

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