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Thread: Signature Sizes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penfold View Post
    Once again there has been some complaints over the size of signatures.

    Would you all please stick to the guidelines as set out HERE

    Please remember that the tolerances for signature sizes are: 400 (w) x 100(h) pixels max, and a file size no greater than 22kb (That also includes any text you have under your signature).

    For the sake of those people trying to read the forums on laptops, tablets or phones, please stick to it.


    Er... the default one I have is a community one. It's over the 400 (it's 692) width. I removed my previous one as it pushed it over the limit. I never thought to check the community one.

    "Forewarned is forearmed"

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    Bumpity Bump guys.

    Some avatars and signatures have gone seriously steroidy recently.

    PLEASE bear in mind that people read these forums on phones and tablets and much as they love you they don't want half a screen filled with your signature or avatar every time you post.

    Have a look at your avatar and your signature and think, a. does it fall into the guidelines at the top of this thread and b. am I really that insecure that I need to splash a massive avatar in everyone's face so they remember who I am.

    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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