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    Heading down south

    Well folks...time has come to say good-bye.

    Good Bye!

    You aint getting rid of me that easy though. As some of you are aware, I'm moving down south to start a new job in Maidenhead. I'm driving down there sometime tomorrow. I have a few flat viewing lined up towards the end of the week and hope to accomodated by the end of next week at the latest. (a friend has offered me his spareroom untill I have a place of my own.)

    I don't have a gaming PC to take with me so wont see you guys in-game for a while
    I will be taking a laptop, and if the new place has an internet connection I'll be keeping myself up2date on the forums.
    Anywayz....I wont be gone for long, hope to catch up with you all soon.

    taraaaaa for now!

    I will try to hop onto Boomer tonight for one last session. feel free to join if you can!

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    Hope everything works out for you mate. See you soon

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    good luck nutsy

    Safe trip and we'll see you when we see you

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    what they said

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    Good luck and see you later

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    GL, hope everything runs smoothly.

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    No more peanuts...
    Maidenhead, sounds familiar, doesn't one from -=[dMw]=- live there?
    Can't find it on the the -=[dMw]=-Thread though...
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    gl with the move nutsy! cu on the servers again soon

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    Best of luck ol nutter, see you soon

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    Best wishes Peanuts! Hope you settle in quickly and get back in game sooner

    Where are your priorities?

    a) Sort flat
    b) Move in to flat
    b) Take laptop (not for gaming)

    Should be:

    a) Sort flat
    b) Move in to flat
    c) Take gaming PC (this can do most of what your laptop will I'm sure!)


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