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    Exclamation Cod4 FAQ

    Tasks for you:
    • Buy the game from one of our affiliates.
    • Install the game
    • Update it to the latest patch
    • Create a player
    • Keep regular backups of your player folder - your stats are stored on your PC NOT on a central server so if you lose your player folder you will lose all your levels and unlocks. Your player folder is normally in "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\" so you need to take backups of that folder fairly regularly.
    • Find our servers. There are three ways to do this;

    1. Select "Join Game" from your screen and click "Source" at the top of the screen until it reads "Internet" then sort the list by server name (by clicking on the server name heading) then scrolling down to the letter D and looking for "dMw|Teamplay Public HC" or "dMw|Teamplay Private HC". I suggest you now add them to your favourites by using the appropriate button on the screen. Or you can...
    2. ...add it to your favourites directly using IP address. Click "Source" until it reads "Favourites" and then click on "New Favourite" and enter our server IP addresses which are (Public) and (Private)
    3. Create desktop shortcuts and edit them to read as follows:
      For PUBLIC server:
      "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe" +connect

      For PRIVATE server:
      "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe" +password putpasswordhere +connect
    • If you use method 1 or 2 then you need to enter the server password using the password button then double click the server entry to join the server

    The "get you going" details for CoD4 Multiplayer are as follows:
    ================================================== =

    1. Don't worry about ranking up - enjoy playing the game and ranking will happen as you go.

    2. You don't need to get every gold plated gun out there - You can reach level 55 without them.

    3. Pick a weapon to start with and keep using it until you unlock the "red dot sight" for it. Now it will start to be a useful weapon because the red dot sight gives you much better awareness of what is around. ACOG sights are OK on sniper rifles but don't worry about them on other rifles as they are a waste of space for the main part.

    4. As you level up different perks will be made available to you - you don't need to use them! Try to pick the ones that suit your style of play. If you are a "shoot and scoot" type of player then the "dead silence" perk will be of use. If you tend to sit still in one place quite a lot then that perk is of little use and you might be better using the "UAV Jammer" perk.

    5. Remember that we promote Teamplay in CoD4 just as we do in CSS so use voice comms to work with your team, pass info and agree tactics. You will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to play well as part of a team if you don't have voice comms.

    6. Many of the players may be Level 55 and as such will have access to the full range of weapons. If they die there is nothing stopping you from picking up their weapon and using it even though you cannot yet access it from your own weapon selection screen.

    7. There are many different game modes within CoD4; Headquarters (HQ), Sabotage (SAB), Search & Destroy (S&D), Domination (DOM), Deathmatch (DM) and Team Deathmatch (TDM). Needless to say we will probably not be enabling DM or TDM as it would be extremely difficult to admin in a manner representative of good Teamplay.

    8. Eventually we hope to have a mixed map/game-type rotation but, initially, we will start with S&D which is very similar to a "bomb" map from Counterstrike; one team has the bomb and the other team has to defend two bomb sites.
    Other game-types we will no doubt play are DOM, HQ and SAB but, to help those who are newer to the game, we will concentrate on one game-type at a time until everyone is happy and only then will we move to another game-type. Once we have played them all then we can start having mixed mapcycles (i.e. an HQ level followed by an S&D level followed by a SAB level, etc)

    9. Our CoD4 server is setup so that it is running in what is called "Hardcore" mode - this doesn't mean it is much more difficult but does make it a little harder to begin with.
    Hardcore means that the aiming reticle is removed from your screen (so if you want to hit distant targets you WILL need to bring your gun up to the aiming position), the weapons are more effective (read realistic), you don't get an ammo count of how many rounds are left in the magazine and you don't see a little loudspeaker icon when you transmit voice. Other than that it is the same as any other CoD4 server. We have chosen the hardcore server type because it offers a level of realism that has been missing from CSS.

    10. All of the maps that will be used initially are stock maps included in the game or added by patch 1.7 (the latest patch at time of writing) so there is no "fast download" available or required at present. If you have the Game, Patch 1.6 and the password you have everything you need. The password for the private server can be found on the password page.

    11. If you have any questions then please ASK either here (in the forums) or when you are on the server.

    The best in-depth Multiplayer CoD4 FAQ can be found here. If you are just starting out then I suggest you leave it for a while before reading it, it may just confuse rather than help. Much kudos to Calder for putting that FAQ together.

    Armitage has posted a list of levels and the unlocks associated with them here. Cheers Arm!
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    Added details for private server and removed password from public server. Yes we now have 2 servers, please use PUBLIC server to encourage people along and keep PRIVATE server for Monday nights.

    NB There is no password on the PUBLIC server but the password for the PRIVATE server has changed - You MUST edit any shortcuts you created to reflect the new password.

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