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Thread: Roomy needed

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    Roomy needed

    Hey Guys,

    Since T-Bag is probably not coming, I don't have someone for the double room, (which is booked). Is there anyone else who don't have a room yet? If so lets bunk?

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    If TBag really can't make it then call the hotel and see if you can bag my single room. If you can, I'll let you crash with Ghost and I'll take your room if you can't afford the extra costs.

    Please wait until T-Bag really and truly bails though!


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    I've well and truly bailed unfortunately. I can't afford to get there, or pay for the room or the food.
    Sorry to put everyone in such an awkward position. If anyone ends up out of pocket because of me I'll make it right, by either a donation to the server fund or a paypal transfer.
    When the Student loan company put my money in that is. Overdue by over a month already.

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    Noone else replied in my thread, so PM send to Ninja Freak.

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