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Thread: dillinja's back

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    dillinja's back

    hi guys'
    just to let u all know dillinja's coming back from the dark shadows of locktown,
    as most of you know dillinja was my main and only player in wow for many years all my time in sog (the 1st lock to join)all my time in genesis when sog split right up til my little girl was born all in all about 3/4years i think
    ive been playing more dps lvl'ing over the pass month(ish)and really enjoyed the dps side of things again,
    especialy last night for the last hour ,
    ive really enjoyed healing since wotlk come out aswell but dont worrie mushroom inst going anywere hes just a click away,
    so this is just to let u know really that im going from healz to dps ,
    its been spoke about for a couple of weeks now with the officers and i spose this is hi meet dillinja some more ranged dps
    i have plenty of cookies to come get ya hs
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    basically for the simple people

    he has changed mains from mush to dil.

    as he says he has been discussing this with some of us for some time, but he ofc has mush avail to heal if needed

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    Welcome back to the darkside Mr Dillinja. I look forward to ready checks being completed as 'All Ready" and then Sheepy's command to pull the boss, followed immediately by Dillinja's cry of "oh, wait, I need a buff" Oh the memories of BWL/AQ40!

    Just kidding! You're a good lock, so I am sure the dps camp will love your return!

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    Hiya Fatal, not sure what all that mombo jumbo was about but welcome back.

    OctoberLAN, you coming? I'll try and be there!
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    Yey one of my favorite locks is back
    This is going to be fun Stopp all dots now!! dps go slow!! let's kill onyxia

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    nice to have some more locks in
    felt pretty alone for a looooong time
    but now your back and oth is also
    let's pwn all as locks

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