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    Thumbs up Logitech Support and my G25

    Thursday two weeks ago I was qualifying for the long race on BL1R in the Rb4 and I heard a nasty cracking sound from my wheel. I'm not particularly aggressive with my controllers, but as we all (racers) know, some times the "death grip" is unavoidable with the powerful force feedback this G25 steering wheel provides.

    Upon inspection my heart sank as I realised I had actually cracked the upper left side of the wheel. This picture from another user describes the problem well:
    For me, it was just on the left side. It's still usable because the leather steering wheel cover is holding it in place, it was wobbly though and I feared it would probably break completely in a matter of time.

    The thought of having to go through all the RMA shenanigans put me off contacting Logitech up till last week. Given that my 1 year warranty is up next month I bit the bullet and sent the a support email.

    After requesting the invoice (.pdf) and a photo of the wheel they have decided to send me a replacement first! I was hoping they would do this for me, but given how many people exploit this kind of RMA procedure I wasn't expecting it. I can't tell you how happy I am with their support, really excellent service.

    A note to G25 users:
    I don't know about you guys, but I had thought that the circumference of the wheel was one piece of metal and was quite surprised to see it break this way. Obviously the wheel is made of three separate parts, which is a bit of design flaw for some thing that puts out so much force, in my opinion. Perhaps my G25 just happened to be weak in that spot. But I figure it is some thing to be aware of while racing.

    Should have my new wheel next week, but I can still race with my old one until it arrives, thanks to Logitech.

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    good news indeed

    have heard of trouble with the g25 wheel, i know john rees had a similar problem with his.
    the wheel actually started to come away from the boss (by the button) on the left side

    but his g25 was well over 2 years old and was unable to RMA it.
    in the end he fitted a momo wheel to it and it works a treat

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    Great service. They make good stuff, but it's good to hear even when they fall down they keep the customer happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seany
    I can't tell you how happy I am with their support, really excellent service.
    I've had similar experiences. Their customer Service is really top notch. The G35 Surround Sound Headset I had was crackling away until I got it to maintenance. During its stay at the headset lab I got a good replacement. very well done

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    Sarge this ones breathing quick get the defib! *zap!*

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