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    Anyone with a spare Beta key

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    Did you get one lumi? If you didn't kick me a PM and Ill send you one :-)
    -=[dMw]=-Othbarty :: Mighty Cheese Event
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    im after a beta key aswell

    EDIT: Nvm just realized ive been invited through the opt-in allready

    EDIT: in game name is Tan.dmw
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    Thanks a bunch Oth, downloading the game now

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    If anyone fancies a game, challenge me: lumi.luminance

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    The game is getting close to launch, only 1,5months away (preorderd ofc) and i was just thinking, since the game itself is mostly popular due to its Muliplayer option in as a gameing league, if someone here would like to start a few teams as a dMw offical grp.
    Since the experience in beta showed (me atleast) that the league gameing in SC2 is quite fun and it being a strategy game (tactical and teamplay orientated) would fit dMw ppl.

    PS! The beta is down for some upgrades and other stuff for a few weeks but it will be up for a few weeks befor the offical launch.

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