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    Old Screenshots

    I was looking around yesterday on the Aszune forum trying to find any old screen shots of the old SoG days but only found 1 of the first Razorgore kill. I used to have all of mine from day 1 until my PC decided to die and lost them all a while ago and now I only have a few from leveling 60+. Just curious to see if any of the old SoG bunch have any good ones as I know a lot of them died with the old forum. Special bonus points go to the one who posts the first Ragnaros kill, definately one of the best times i've had one WoW and would love to have a screenie of it.

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    there were some old ones on the gallery. dont know if the gallery got moved to this new forum though

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    A good chance they are still about some place. I'm not sure what we do with the old forums maybe they are archived

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    Your wish is my command, Sinap

    Take a look at my Picasa album

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think those of Ragnaros should be from the 1st kill. Also have the 1st from Nefarian, and some other nice ones as well

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    And while we're taking a walk down memory lane - the great SOG movie by padding:


    I always get all warm and happy inside when watching that one. Those were the days

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    Ah nice one Bob! That was the first Raggy kill, not sure why we'd sit and take a photo after our second, or seventh, or whatever so Seen the videos Padding made aswel, cheers matey

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    T1 bikini shot of me :o

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    Aint Sinap just the cutest thing?

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    Wow...great vid just found it....great to see some of the faces i raided with in the past and present

    <3 the marduk pic

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