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Thread: Lan questions.

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    Lan questions.

    Hi got some questions for the Lan if someone could help please.
    They are probably covered already but can't find them.

    1, Were is it being held
    2, What games do I need to install
    3, What software do I need to install
    4, Do I need any special Hardware
    5, Do you need to bring extension cables etc
    6, Any info on things I need to do( I have never done a Lan before)

    Cheers Guys.

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    1- march, cambridgeshre
    2- whatever you play
    3- nothing lan specific
    4 -as long as you have a lan port on your motherboard, no
    5- yes
    6- will be posted up at a later date

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    1 - The Oliver Cromwell Hotel, March, Cambridgeshire.
    2 - Anything we play at the mo usually + CS Source
    3 - OS, steam, anti-virus
    4 - no
    5 - bring whatever you need to bring to run your pc & connect to a network
    6 - Read a few of the old Lan threads i.e. -

    + theres a "what to do before the Lan" type thread kicking about somewhere that I seem to be failing to find, that'll answer a few things for you too.

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