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    Shared control

    Hey guys, I wanted to point out the fact that it's actually possible to allow other players on your team to control your units, and vice versa. I didn't actually know about this until someone told me that "I could lower the supply depot myself". I thought you could always do it so I checked in another game but it wasn't there.

    The option to share control is in the diplomacy menu. I think we should really mess with this a bit in one of our next group matches. For example 1 person can control the combined protoss armies as one, while the other controls both bases and macro's up reinforcements. It's also possible to share resources in this way, like what happens if one of your teammates leaves the game.

    I think if used well this can make us very efficient indeed.
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    Now that sounds interesting, I'm up for trying it!

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    Did not know that, great tip!
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    I've seen this option, and I've used it several times when players dc'ed, but I hadn't thought about one going for an army, while the other goes for 'base management'.
    I'd really like to try that one too. Lets try to for a 3v3 or something on sunday (or perhaps 2v2 with 4 deadmean players, in order to test it, without needing to fear a rush).

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    Me and raggy tested it out briefly, we could control each others units - forgot to check buildings but I assume that everything is controllable.

    Might have several applications. One attacks whilst the other stays at the bases harvesting and building units perhaps.
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    Silversurfer, Marduk and I tested this whole afternoon.

    Its briliant

    Though you cannot create or do anything that costs resources. You can however call in Mule-E's or scannersweeps or whatever.
    Its so much better that one person focuses on attacking, and the other(s) focus on creating units and expanding.
    It justs makes the organisation 20%-40% if not stronger. Also, when one players base and probes are gone, he can take over the attacking with the other players units, while the other focus themself on expanding etc. so that its not totally 2vs3, but more 2.5x3 and you still have a good shot at winning.

    Its a shame though that you cannot direct other players photon cannons, they should count as attacking force also. but ok, this is allready great enough

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