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    Dutchies be aware: No discount, still cheaper (CD's on amazon)

    So today I was at the FreeRecordShop in my hometown, and I bought some cd's. After getting home I spotted the shop tab on our website and remembered the dMw amazon shop. Just for the hell of it I searched for the cd's I bought and wanted to buy (out of stock at FRS) and was shocked to find the subtotal incl vat would be €49,60 while at FRS it would set me back €99,41, so little over double the price. So then I looked at, which is occasionally cheaper then FRS since its a webshop, but they charge me €94.90 which is exactly the same as with the MediaMarket.

    Basically I could very well stop buying cd's in holland and just buy them via England. Even the new to be released Within Temptation cd (dutch rock band) will cost 12 bpb (so less then 14.50 eur) while it will be atleast 17.99 in Holland.

    The only "drawback" is that you have to select the 3-7 days shipment, else they'll charge 3.50gbp plus 1gpb per aditional cd.

    So I can only urge you Dutchies (and ofc the rest of you dMw'ers) to buy your cd's via the dMw shop, you don't only help the community but also your wallet .

    Maybe I should have a talk with amazon and start an and force the prices of all dutch companies down

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    Lumi, abroad some things are cheaper. I knew about this ages ago.Some sites it's better for us even then the normal Steamsights. If you need a game, Google first
    I buy my games way below Dutch prices
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    Duvel is right ! I'm thinking to buy the new Assassin's creed and i'm looking on different site's, but i cant find a realy cheap 1.
    Think i will wait until it is on the market for real.

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    Originally I'm Dutch too and yes it is much cheaper at amazon than in the dutch stores. I buy all my stuff on amazon and most of the time also with discount from I find it really strange that they still don't have a by now. But I live in Liverpool since a while, so I can use the british one now ;)

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    O, just noticed that the last post was in 2011

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    You live in Liverpool?

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    Yes I live in Liverpool!

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    Concerto in Amsterdam is Mecca for music, but far too expensive to. I can't believe in Netherlands its €15 for a new release having been used to £10 Max in the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by albert View Post
    Concerto in Amsterdam is Mecca for music, but far too expensive to. I can't believe in Netherlands its €15 for a new release having been used to £10 Max in the UK.

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    Not uncommon, I often see a lot of products with this price mark up not sure why it's done this way though

  10. #10 is no longer that attractive for Dutchies.
    They stopped with the free shipping and the pound prices are high.

    At the moment is the best, it is a bit cheaper than the UK version, plus free shipping! is still only for books

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