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    Pictures from LAN XIX

    Where do you want these uploaded? In what format/quality/size?

    I am definately making some .gifs of Toby and Ninja and a couple of 100% crops of others like Pen in the group photo etc.



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    You catch us in the midst of a plan to bring back a solid integrated gallery to the community web site. However at present there is a gallery feature built into the forum itself. At the top of the screen should be several menu items - New Posts - Today's Posts - Gallery - etc You already have a gallery with the photo of the duck in it. Just create another one called dMw LAN XIX and add whatever you want to that. Then let us know in the forum and we can go check it out. It may not be a permanent gallery if we go another route for the official gallery solution, but it will give us all a change to laugh at one another. My hope is that we can get back to a proper gallery set-up with an album for each of the LAN's going back to the beginning, and I'm planning on upgrading the gallery to something a bit more full featured, but that's still a few weeks away yet.

    Finally thanks for being the LAN 'tog. Organising the rabble into something even remotely resembling an orderly group was a challenge that I would not want to attempt.

    Finally it seems that almost all the existing galleries have broken links through ton their images which is most likely down to the Novemeber 2010 roll back issue we had. I'll delete those broken galleries and people can re-upload if they wish. However it might be worth waiting till we have our final solution in place.
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    Don't we have a LAN pictures folder somewhere??


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