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  1. #1 - computer & Hardware Components <- I've built 2 computers from components from this company - never had any problems with parts or delivery - customer service is always good, the parts they do are they lowest in UK Check em out.

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    Never tried them, but I checked one of their 'Best 8 Deals' from their front page and found that I could get it cheaper elsewhere (inc VAT & delivery) by doing a 5 second google search. (I checked the Kingston 64GB SSD).

    I'm happy to see people posting good experiences with companies, but always suspicious of excessive claims of excellence.

    As an aside, I moved this to the generic supplier section as it is not about a specific offer.
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    Always used to use them, but found that scan had better stuff and better customer service. But that was a number of years ago!

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    I've used them plenty of times, they used to have some good offers on their specials page, but then got to the point when half the site was on the specials.

    They used to beat SCAN on price all the time, but looks like SCAN must have felt the drop in sales recently and got more competative.

    I used to shop between


    Never had any problems with any.

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    the majority of the stuff ive seen on there is cheaper than anywhere else that i could find via google shopping and ebay etc.

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    I shop mostly between Overclockers, EBuyer and Scan now. Used to use Novatech but haven't since it did the disappearing trick a while back. And Komplette too before they shut up shop in the UK.
    Compared a few prices and things appear very similar if a little cheaper on aria, but the product range is less. I don't feel the urge to switch just yet.

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    I mainly use Overclockers for any large purchases, but on occasion I have used ARIA and for some things they are cheaper than SCAN. The super specials sometime can lead to big savings if you check everyday.

    My list of good vendors:

    Overclockers (you simply cannot complain about their service, it wortyh the few extra bob!)
    SCAN (no problems)
    ARIA (no Problems)
    Amazon (had problems, but as amazon fulfill the orders you always get your stuff and if its faulty you always get a new one with no quibbles).

    List of bad vendors :

    Ebuyer (one very bad experience with some RAM and a CPU cooler) Also a quick note ; avoid ebuyer own brand or dodgy unheard of branded stuff like the plague. A mate got a TV from them which was a dud and it got messy. (Avoid like the plague) They take your money before the item is dispatched and when the item is not in stock. They then faff about for months fobbing you off with excuses. Had to threaten small claims court summons after being told I would get my money back on 3 separate occasions. After 3 months and a lot of effort got my money back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-Bag View Post
    Used to use Novatech but haven't since it did the disappearing trick a while back.
    I ordered parts from Novatech last week and have had them delivered, so when did they 'disappear'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lameduck View Post
    I ordered parts from Novatech last week and have had them delivered, so when did they 'disappear'?
    2008 or 9 I think. It's the main reason why I only really use Overclockers and Ebuyer, when a few of the main sites went around about the same time I was left with 2 I trusted (ie had used before) and realised they did most of the stuff I use. I've RMA'd stuff with both companies without any troubles. And the people on the phone at both were helpful too. If the difference is only small I tend to prefer a brand I trust over saving a couple of pounds (in the same way if I'm messed about by a company I'll avoid it even if it costs slightly more...unless it is cheap enough I decide to risk the hassle).

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    Used to use aria a lot as they had good deals. Likewise overclockers, dabs and ebuyer. Now I use scan almost exclusively ...unless there's a properly significant price difference. By far and away the best and most consistent cs I've experienced.

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