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    Who's Had The Most Claymore Kills

    Found this browsing on youtube randomly

    What's everyone elses record ammount of claymore kills in one go? & On what map?

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    I like to think I'm pretty good with my explosives, Cooking grenades, placing claymores in horrible places, but I've never got 4 people before. Two is reasonably common, 3 is very rare (even if you count getting myself when a couple of people walk round the corner). 4 with a grenade on the other hand is fairly easy, especially on headquarters mode.

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    Claymores huh, I would like to see the stats for knife kills

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    I always pack a claymore, they're essential.

    Also, they make people swear alot on TS.

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    I got 3 kills once. Someone on the opposite team planted it, I threw a nade to destroy it and it counted as claymorekills. Really weird...
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