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    Guess whos coming to the Lan then boys - Rooms booked confirmation bits will come in post shortly will be arriving on the thursday midday(ish) and im there till sunday, Ive booked a room for myself but it would be helpfull if i had a contact number of someone who will be at the LAN at a similar time on thursday as this is my first one.

    Also I cant bring a PC as im travelling by train and I don't own a laptop is that ok?

    Cheers DD

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    Quote Originally Posted by .DickDastardly. View Post
    Also I cant bring a PC as im travelling by train and I don't own a laptop is that ok?
    Cheers DD
    Yes that's fine of course but you may as well be added as a 'social' then as you won't be gaming and won't need a seat in the LAN room (unless of course you want one?)
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    there are ways of brining it on the train Suicidal monkey does all the time

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    I did once bring a desktop pc and monitor etc on the train from London. I now have a laptop which makes trains much easier!

    You could always borrow a spare monitor (someone will have one) and just bring your pc.

    ...or ask Delantival about packing computers into little suitcases... :-)

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    I could put my desktop into a suitcase that wouldnt be a problem would just have to pack it well but I would need to borrow a monitor off someone if possible? as i would like a "gaming seat" at the lan

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    DD. There must be a better way. Have you put yourself on the dMw Map so we can see if anyone can swing by and pick you up?


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    not long now chaps :-)

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    theres a Tiger coming to the lan a sneaky 1 at that, lock up your

    yeah me and tripos are gonna be there sometime friday afternoon.
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    Nice 1 Sneaky! Meet the guys you shoot and get shot by online!
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