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    LAN XX - Booking Thread

    This is it, This is the big one!!!!!

    We have pleasure in opening the Booking Thread for the next
    LAN XX is on 30th Sept - 2nd October 2011

    Bookings will be two lots, 1. Internationals, Community Supporters and LAN ATTENDEE Badge, Then 2. Everyone else.

    The LAN will officially open on Friday morning
    The LAN will officially end on Sunday

    Please note that the hotel has an 18 years+ booking policy so the minimum age for attending the LAN is 18.

    LAN XX Details:

    Dates: Friday 30th Sept, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2011
    Venue: Oliver Cromwell, March, Cambridgeshire.
    Times: The LAN venue opens at Friday morning and the LAN will finish by on Sunday

    dMw Costs: For the venue - £15 total per head for the whole weekend. Or £10 if your a Supporting Member.

    Hotel Costs:
    Bed & Breakfast Accommodation: double occupancy £33 per person per night, sole occupancy £50 per room per night
    Room Availability: 35 x Double; 8 x Twin

    If you book a Twin Room and want to share the costs of the room then when you post in this thread to confirm your attendance then also make a note of the fact you have a Twin room booked and are looking for someone to share with.

    As before, the reduced accommodation and function room rates have been negotiated on the basis that the majority of the attendees will partake of the excellent cuisine offered by either the hotel restaurant's Fixed price, A La Carte or Bar menus.

    And YES, there WILL be Steak Night!

    Eating at the hotel is NOT mandatory, but I am sure that any attendee from the last couple of LANs will vouch for the quality of both the food and the company!

    The Oliver Cromwell offers:
    Amongst other things the LAN will feature:

    - a list of officially supported games ( Games TBC)
    - organised competitions
    - official LAN Admins
    - late night gaming

    Note for International Travellers:

    The LAN accommodation costs are above, it's cheaper if you agree to share a twin bed (two single beds) room with someone of course.

    Travel: Any London airport works well, Stanstead & Luton are closest. Heathrow is ok, Gatwick is further but still doable. If you book your flight tickets we'll make sure someone picks you up and takes you back - post on the forums for a lift and you are usually sorted out very quickly as other attending members appreciate the international effort made! Other airports are also a possibility - if in doubt post and we'll see if anyone would be travelling past your airport!

    Computer: If you have a shuttle or laptop then you're probably sorted (unless hand luggage rules cause you problems) but if you cannot bring your own PC then post in the LAN section to see if someone is willing to lend you a spare PC for the weekend. Many people have done this in the past and it seems to work well!

    Please note that, as previously, by signing below you agree to sign a liability disclaimer waiver form (if not already signed). This is a condition of your attendance at the LAN. Please pm Penfold if you wish to see a copy of it.

    You are also free to book your rooms now directly with the hotel on 01354 602890.

    Remember to say it's for the dMw Lan (to get the subsidised rate) and also give your real name and gaming name.

    (If you want to arrive early and stay on the Thursday night you will receive the same subsidised rate).

    Once you have booked your room please post below so I can keep track, state if you arriving Thursday as well.

    Also if you are booking a room to share please can you put that down and who you are sharing with.

    If your looking for a buddy to share with check here Lan Room Mates

    List of attendees

    1. Benny
    3. Lionheart (No Room Needed)
    4. Ninja_Freak (Booked & Thursday)
    5. Tutonic (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Frenzy)
    6. DMR Gortex (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Feezuki)
    7. suicidal_monkey (Booked)
    8. DMR Michelanio (Booked)
    9. Blunt (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with NvG)
    10. Liberator (Booked & Thursday)
    11. Dick Dastarstly (Booked & Thursday)
    12. Rizzy (Booked & Thursday)
    13. GhostMjr (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Absolutehype)
    14. DMR JAS (Booked)
    15. TwoBad (Booked & Thursday)
    16. DuVeL (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Khrispykhicken)
    17. Snooks (Booked & Thursday)
    18. DrunkenZombie (Booked & Thursday)
    19. Frenzy (Booked & Sharing with Tutonic)
    20. Lumi (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Tox)
    21. DMR Whitey (Booked)
    22. Sparko (Booked & Thursday)
    23. NvG (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Blunt)
    24. CrazyHorseZeroOneNiner (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with ChronosMark)
    25. Absolutehype Booked & Thursday & Sharing with GhostMjr)
    26. ChronosMark (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with CrazyHorseZeroOneNiner )
    27. Albert (Booked & Sharing with Binbagchamp)
    28. BrotherTobious (Booked & Thursday)
    29. JulzPolz (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Norton)
    30. DMR Feezuki (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Gortex)
    31. Binbagchamp (Booked & Sharing with Albert)
    32. DMR FatBob (No Room Needed)
    33. Target (Booked)
    34. T-Bag (Booked & Thursday)
    35. Khrispykhicken (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with DuVaL)
    36. DMR Padding (Booked & Thursday)
    37. DMR Ragnarh (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Spiritus)
    38. DMR Spiritus (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Ragnarh)
    39. DMR Dark Angel (Booked & Thursday)
    40. Norton (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with JulzPolz)
    41. Tox (Booked & Thursday & Sharing with Lumi)
    42. Faust82 (Booked & Thursday)

    Day Trippers

    1. Sneaky
    2. Sneaky Bro

    Lan Social (Attending but not playing, or part of the DMR guild meet)

    1. Stryker (Booked Sharing with Skoda)
    2. Skoda (Booked Sharing with Stryker)
    3. OldBloke (Booked)
    4. Penfold (Booked)
    5. DMR TeaLeaf (Booked & Thursday)

    Ddead Men Raiding List:
    1. DMR Icehawk
    2. DMR Slush
    3. DMR Jewelz
    4. DMR Azunai
    5. DMR Tanales
    6. DMR Vargen
    7. DMR Sheepy
    8. DMR Legolai (added by PEN)

    DMR Arcticfire

    Possible Day-Trippers:
    DMR Sinap
    DMR Switchback
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    Sign me up Guv!
    Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. (Tom Wilson)
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    Moi aussi.
    (Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)

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    I'm in!!!
    Sent from the darkest recesses of a fractured mind, using the power of blood magic.

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    Me please...

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    be a shame not to..

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    Sign me up you mutha.

    I'll be arriving Thurs night.

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    Yep count me in and I sign on the dotted line. Prob going to get aim for turning up Thursday evening again.
    -=[dMw]=- Gortex

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    sign me up plx (just hope I get off work and if not I'm calling in sick, this lan I am going to! )
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