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Thread: Assassin build

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    Assassin build

    Just thought I would see what others were thinking atm. I haven't had much chance to look at the specs yet, nor do we know if these are final. I put together this just to get an initial idea of what the talents look like. I may have to do something different for survivability during the level grind, and I know little of the actual abilities atm. What do you think?

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    i'm thinking of assassin as well varg, but might be sorcerer yet
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    Found this guide so far. Hoping for more detailed stuff as we close on live

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    This is probably the build I will be using. The same as the one in the guide in my previous post.

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    Assassin PvP build I am considering. Not very different from the other one, but has more mobility and counters to cc. I think I will at least level with this build and then switch it out if/when raiding.

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    is the build i'm looking at so pure dps
    Remember when I promised to kill you last?…I lied!(arnie-commando)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneakytiger View Post

    is the build i'm looking at so pure dps
    Think these small changes would make it slightly better.

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    yeah might worth a look mine was just a rough idea. not a final spec
    Remember when I promised to kill you last?…I lied!(arnie-commando)

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    I removed all the CC and defensive points and put them into added damage. Probably other ways to change it around as well. Currently I am playing Darkness build as it makes it super easy to get groups. Also tank spec in PvP is a lot of fun if you group with a healer.

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    Tank build I have toyed with atm. Not put anything in increesed endurance as most forums seem to agree it is not worth the points. Thrashing blades could be worth getting for better aoe aggro, but I'm not sure. I believe the damage and threat gain from Electric execution is worth losing the extra endurance as I've had issues keeping aggro on some fights so far.

    For endgame I will probably go for a deception build, but it is just easier getting groups and doing heroic missions with tank spec atm.

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