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    As from today, these are the rules that are being enforced. I've asked the admins to go softly softly on our Community members for the first few days. From Friday the 18th, the rules will be in full force.

    1. No Spawnraping or Shooting into the Uncaps (including Mortars) - even on Rush, once it's cleared you can't go back or shoot into it.

    2. No bunny-hopping, including jumping around corners - this is a standard on most of our games.

    3. No Sitting in the Uncap or Spawn and using Mortars. - as this encourages spawn raping. If you want to get your mortars out, run away from your uncap for a minimum of five seconds and then feel free to setup.

    With respect to the use of vechicles, we've discussed this in the admin channel and concluded that the vehicle balance is much better in BF3 than BC2 and such, do not see the need to li
    mit vechicle use at this moment in time. However, use your common sense or the rule will be implemented.

    Also, as community members, outside of Friday nights we should not be clan stacking. Keep it random and if you're pwning the entire round, please be willing to swap sides to even things up a bit.

    Other than that, have fun.
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